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  1. I have two ugly stik tiger elites on my boat. They are the cheapest rods on the boat. Got them at Dicks with some rewards they were about 45 a piece. They see more action than any of my specialized/expensive rods. I use them for scup, tog, stripers & cod (charter fishing) and they do great. I have some lighter rods I like to use for casting at albies. The first season I bought them I had a short list of 2-3 rods I was going to look into replacing them when they broke. This will be the 4th season they see and they are still going strong. The Penn Mariner II I bought for 40 bucks tho lost two eyes in their first trip out. I threw it right out. They just don't make them like they used to. Also have a Tsunami sapphire something or other I think it says tough tip on them. Picked it up from the fishing expo in a clearance bin for like 45 bucks. Thing is a trooper too. If I have friends that grabbed the ugly stik I'll grab the Tsunami.
  2. I thought the exact same thing! My job is a few minutes away from long point boat launch. In the spring I usually take a drive on my lunch to see if they've reinstalled the gangway yet. Then depending if I still have time I'll shoot down there and see if the herring are in. It'll be a time saver for sure!
  3. https://www.wpri.com/news/local-news/south-county/newly-installed-barrier-at-gilbert-stuart-museum-could-save-thousands-of-fish/
  4. Do you mean the ocean front or the path to the right to get to the beach?
  5. I'd donate to help keep it open. Not sure if we can crowd fund the amount needed but it's worth a shot since no one else is going to help. Typical government reaction unfortunately.
  6. I've only caught them with native squid I've caught myself. The boxed stuff they seem to ignore. Shoot me a message early next season I can give you the exact spots I caught them once I unwrap the boat and get the fish finder back in there. Also I stock up in the mid spring on squid and throw it in the freezer. I'm usually out by the dog days of summer time but I can give you some bait to try out as well.
  7. Bait, squid to be precise.
  8. The entire thing was satire...
  9. I might get in trouble for spot burning but I don't care. But apparently the best spot according to all my friends for fish is actually the water! I've been doing it all wrong no wonder why casting into the forest was just getting me acorns. And I just googled bodies of water in Rhode Island and we have it TONS OF IT! Good luck and don't tell another soul about it!
  10. Dogfish everywhere this year. Years past I never caught them from shore only on the boat. This year I couldn't escape them in either place. I caught dog fish while scupping, while fluking with bucktails, while chunking pogeys, while throwing the kastmaster on my freshwater pole for skipjacks. I even had one INHALE a squid jig. Hell I probably caught one while changing the oil on my truck. Bait was surprisingly plentiful every trip all around with nothing on them. The return of the weakfish I think is a little under reported story this year. Everyone I know caught at least 2-3 on the bigger side this year. I personally caught 8 keepers this season. I kept the smallest one released the others just wanted to taste it for the first time. In years past there would be at most 1-2 total catches in my group of friends and on the smaller side. Fishermen eyeballing stripers and declaring within the slot is at an all time high. And these guys round up, add 5 inches and then an extra 2-3 just to be sure. Or just subtract 10 if they are in the bigger side. And that's if they aren't immediately thrown in a cooler. I figured with the slot restrictions people would carry tape measures but nah they didn't care. Maybe I'll buy a few and start handing them out. But I assume they'll end up as just another piece of plastic in the ocean. Edit: I did say something to a gentleman that caught a bass next to me who was examining the fish with his phone. I asked him not to upload instantly the picture I assumed he was taking to FB with a location. And he explained to me he was using his iPhone camera to measure it which I thought was pretty cool. I however pulled out the physical tape measure and the phone was off by a 1/4 inch.
  11. Those Wendy's fries are disgusting. As I was eating them for the first time I came to the conclusion they taste like cancer.
  12. Finally! Something to do in the off season.
  13. I guess I better not post a topic asking how to use the downrigger that came with my boat.
  14. Originally posted to troll him. And he ended up playing himself. ****ed around and found out.
  15. I drive by a boat ramp on the way to work. And this morning it looked like a mid-summer Saturday morning. At least 3 boats waiting to drop in. It was in the low 40's God bless them. It's too cold for me.