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  1. Drove to the island today and saw the birds going crazy on the ocean side of the Jamestown bridge.
  2. Heard of some guys going out and trying there luck and heard they pulled in 3 squid. But this was second hand info. There is a squid RI group on Facebook. Every year people post last year's pictures earlier and earlier to get people to think they are in. LOL
  3. They are! I've used them successfully for Fluke in a few spots I didn't even know Fluke hung out. Also used them on two charter trips last year for BSB. It was non stop fishing the second it hit the water. Only negative part was we maxed out at 11:30. LOL
  4. Tickets were 12 bucks a pop. Deals were hard to come by. M3 tackle was there love their floating bucktail jigs. Other than a couple of used gear combos I didn't see a lot of deals. But the beer was overpriced and conversations were good. So I'll probably swing by again on Sunday. Didn't find the 20 dollar boat rod special bucket. Last year the orange diawa rods in the bucket were better than the 120 dollar rod I bought.
  5. Really sad to hear that if it is the case. Thank you all for the updated info.
  6. I never checked back, did he get it opened up? Also any word on if the boat ramp is still available? I think there was a $7 dollar fee before.
  7. I've gotten hit by rouge waves at both Hazard Ave and one of the high rocks at Beavertail that I had never seen wet before that day. The one at Hazard Ave I was lucky enough to see coming and climb away lost a tackle box. Beavertail I just lost crabs and a bucket. Never again.
  8. Replied! Sorry got busy with work.
  9. Found a sea robin honey hole shore fishing in south county. Caught 10 back to back, these guys were bigger than I've ever seen.
  10. Craigslist as well. Best of luck though. Every one seems to want 300% above NADA value. Don't worry about those cylinders not firing or the massive hole in the bottom. Runs mint & and it's ready for fishing I promise! LOL
  11. I would bring the kayak. There are still a decent amount of stripers up in the Providence River. I've been doing well with them for the last few weeks. If you can get out on the yak you'll do well. If you can only shore fish the area you still have a chance to do pretty well. If you want some Intel on specific spots shoot me a PM.
  12. If you saw a boat full of guys that looked like they had no idea what the hell they were doing and kept crossing our own lines you saw me. LOL
  13. I was able to make it out Monday with a new crew, my usual guys couldn't take the day off. Took a bit to teach them the ropes but once we got going it was non stop. 4AM -11 AM 5 stripers made it on the deck 2 slot sized we kept, 1 over and 2 just under. We missed 7 fish, the last one inches from the boat. Even with the large amount of missed fish I guess circle hooks aren't too bad. Live pogies were harder to come by than years past. Instead of massive schools we were chasing extremely small pods. Like 20-30 fish in each pod vs the hundreds in the past. Instead of snagging 10 and heading out it took a lot of work to snag 2-3 per pod before they were gone.
  14. I thought the same thing. I feel like I am just dropping more money on tools for no reason. Thank you for the sanity check. A friend said I could pressure wash the fish I keep to get the scales off and tenderize it at the same time.