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  1. Just give the blacks New Mexico, build a large wall around it and call it a day
  2. I get a similar pain after casting plugs for a while, but I had a torn labrum in my left shoulder for which surgery was unsuccessful. Just because the pain isn't in your shoulder doesn't mean it isn't a shoulder injury, believe it or not. I'd go see an ortho and get an MRI.
  3. What a stupid policy. Real geniuses over there.
  4. When I first got really into fishing about 6 years ago, I grew frustrated with surfcasting crowds and not catching anything. I thought a kayak would be a shortcut in the learning curve. It really wasn't. I didn't catch a single striper my first year on the yak. If you're already an accomplished fisherman then a kayak is certainly an advantage. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll just get skunked on water instead of land.
  5. I'm guessing the people saying anyone can catch on a kayak have never actually fished from one.
  6. Strong disagree.
  7. The biggest issue with your argument is that powers to suspend the Constitution are the President's alone during declared states of emergency. Governors have no such power, yet all of these overreaching orders are from governors. As far as wuflu goes, are you paying attention at all? We're nowhere near the projected amount of deaths even in the models that took lockdowns into account. Nearly everyone who dies of it is elderly, obese or has underlying conditions; usually all 3. It kills the same people that the flu does and it's all but confirmed that the infection rate is far higher than reported due to a large number of asymptomatic infections. Antibody tests suggest up to 85x more people are infected. This brings the death rate well below 1%. Just like the flu.
  8. Staten Island early morning, threw small bucktails, SPs, and epoxy jigs at 2 different spots. Not even a sniff. Didn't expect much on plugs just yet, but there were a lot of guys soaking bait at one spot and I didn't see any of them catch either.
  9. Even if your interpretation of the Constitution was correct (it's not), at this point it's pretty clear that this thing is just a highly infectious flu. The "cure" for the disease is going to kill more people than the disease itself.
  10. A functioning economy
  11. One of the best parts of fishing is being alone. Unless I'm with my kids, I've been socially distancing long before this virus.
  12. I've only called them twice, but both times they arrived within 15 minutes. This was on Staten Island, though. Less area for them to cover, I guess.
  13. Tsunami Airwave Elite 9'6. Rated for 3/4-3, but throws 1/2 just fine.
  14. Alberto for me. I understand the FG is slightly better, but the alberto is so much easier to tie.