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  1. I have never seen “staff” at these places but I’m sure they are there now to enforce this ridiculous policy.
  2. Agree 100 percent. I can always tell the youtube fans of his because it’s such a unique way of jigging. People don’t realize it works for him because of his rod and bucktail weights are dialed in. You can’t do the “Skinner Shake” with a 1.5 oz bucktail on a medium 6’6” rod in 2ft of water and expect the same action as someone using a 3/8 oz lure.
  3. People who say “go to 9th street! I was there last year and the stripers were stacked up!” As a response to someone who asks why they can’t get a bite in August on some mid beach non/structure island town, are the true idiots of spot burning.
  4. SoMoCo out back in the AM. Took my dad out so we did some easy access sidewalk fluking. Left with one 18.25”. Caught a couple shorts. My faith in humanity was restored a little- I saw lots of great fish handling skills for once. Threw my pelagic stuff out there to search for some Spanny Macks but they weren’t around on the flood. lots of cabbage.
  5. Don’t forget surf fluke. Finding pelagics on the beach is almost luck based for me anymore
  6. The worst are the spear guys who shoot first then measure
  7. You can probably use little bits of gulp for kingfish
  8. Aquarium Mode achieved
  9. OC morning out front. Family beach trip but brought my fluke gear. 3 taps- 3 fluke. Kept the 18" for the table- first surf keeper of the season. The second biggest was 17.5 and I realized the specific beach I was on that was legal too for some weird NJ law, but it went back. Water was clean and there's definitely decent current lately. There is a lot of rain bait moving in today. The terns were tearing them up.. Good sign for those fishing high tide this evening I think
  10. He’s going to be a fishing maniac- showing early signs. Nice job little man!!
  11. Not in my opinion- I wouldnt go heavier than 20lb floro for bones and albies. They are sight feeders. And a little looser on the drag. They will hit the lure hopefully and you'll set the hook in the lip and they will be away from the leader
  12. Fishing my whole life and I never jigged for kingfish- what trailer/bait was on the jig? I do hi/low little circle hooks or be lazy and buy the pretied marathon kingfish rigs
  13. I agree. I'm staying away this year. I missed sea bass anyway, now its the summer folks catching 5 bluefish lol
  14. Instead of a split shot maybe a weighted float would work? Less weed catching? edit: I guess the bug wouldn't be presented low enough without the split shot double edit: now when I'm digging for bugs for kingfish bait everyone is going to accuse me of hopping on the bugwagon
  15. If I recall my first 2019 spanish in OC was after July 4th. But I think a few schools moved through the surf earlier than that. They are already “around” (off shore a bit) as I’ve seen a few party boats report them lately