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  1. Geeze guys can you keep it quiet?? The store was packed shoulder to shoulder with fishy smelling guys buying pork roll and now all the pork roll is gone. pork roll blitz 21
  2. I use doa shrimp to catch my sand spike.
  3. Easy. Just imagine what you hope they look like a hard as you can then you can be really disappointed when you actually meet them. Like seeing your favorite radio host for the first time.
  4. I prefer blue on sunny days
  5. Monster blues > dink schoolies
  6. They didn’t have White Castle in my hood when I lived in philly : (
  7. He mentioned “on the beach”. In the water I would agree- that’s a good sign.
  8. Get em boys. There’s no closed season for poachers and no bag limit. I hope they nail them.
  9. If the seagulls are feeding on bait, you’d be able to tell. They’ll dive and fight over food. They flock, when they decide to chill and rest that’s what the flock does.
  10. They don’t do it like that. Especially in that ambiguous zone. If you explain where you’re coming from, seem to know what you’re talking about - and appear to be an experienced angler, they’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. They are reasonable. They also will most likely have seen you fishing or approaching with binoculars.
  11. The great dorito blitz of ‘21
  12. People don't realize there's a limit on Spanish. I see this broken every jetty blitz lol
  13. You guys have never been drunk at 1am in the depths of dive bar philadelphia, when the Crown Fried Chicken store cuts through the drunken fog like a beacon on a rocky shore? You know it’s a bad idea but you can’t control your feet. It’s as some semi burnt, saturated bird lifts you on its wings and holds you up as you stumble into the door. you don’t remember looking for traffic when you crossed the street...why did the chicken cross the road indeed, doesn’t matter, the chicken brought you safely here. You sit on the city curb and stare at the dismembered animal before you. You devour the marshmallow texture flesh to the bone. Where did the bones go? You dont remember putting them in a trashcan, there’s one in your pocket. You stumble in the direction you think is home, not feeling hungry but also not really satisfied, and somewhat sad about your fall into crispy temptation. congratulations, you’ve earned your Crown my prince.
  14. $550 waders that last 8 years plus self repairs cost you about $68 a year. or you can be lazy like me and buy short lived Amazon waders and spend $45 every 1.5 years.
  15. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I love using my bailess in the surf. In fact maybe I dont even love it- it’s just second nature where I’m not thinking about it anymore. I’ve been using bailess for 2 years and even use it with gloves in the winter. I had to get used to positioning the roller in the right spot every cast but I find it less work than a bail. Even if a fish hits a popper before you’re on the roller there’s usually enough play in the line/leader/rod tip to give you a second to get the line on.