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  1. New to fly fishing and looking for the best option for small 16" trout. Trying to keep the reel $200 or below
  2. I always seem to do best for big stripers the last hour of the outgoing tide, and I have also caught my personal best during that time
  3. Please let me know your best method for the best taste, heard so many mixed reviews about eating albies
  4. Planning a trip to pulaski for salmon the last week of September. Has anyone been yet this year? If so how did you make out/what areas? No specific areas, just general
  5. What is your guys personal best pike? What did you catch it on? Mine is a 41" x 17lbs caught on a deps slide swimmer 175
  6. Nothing better than fighting keepers on a rod rated to 1/2 oz either lol
  7. My buddy let me in on a little secret. The best way to cast a 1/2 oz jig head with a plastic is on a 9 or 10' salmon rod. Rated no more than 1oz. I actually prefer them lighter, rated up to 3/4th of an oz. Use 15lb power pro and a 30lb liter and have fun with the stripers! I've caught them up to 23pounds no problem with this set up, and I outcast everyone around me
  8. I went pike fishing with my buddy yesterday which was 5 days after the rain storm. Water had about 2 ft of visibility. I threw a big spinner bait and he threw topwater. Not even a follow or bump in 7 hours. Any advice for fishing stained or dirty wanter for pike after the rain?
  9. I have been using JB Weld clearweld as my epoxy for keeping the thru wire from spinning on plugs. It has 4400 psi and I had not had any issues yet. what do you guys prefer for strong clear epoxy?
  10. Not a problem. #28 is sold now but I'd trade you #26 for the purple swimmer still. Message me your address
  11. I'd trade you any 1 plug from this picture for it, you choose
  12. I'll trade you the peanut dart waver for the purple swimmer
  13. I'm good. Thanks for the pics
  14. send a pic