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  1. I originally had 20 on it, but the Manasquan Inlet kept eating my rigs and when i bumped it to 30 i was able to pull my line free way more often. I thought 15 seemed really light for a 60 but looking closer it actually says “250 yd 17 lbs” as a rating. This is mainly my bait pole though, it’s medium heavy 1-4 oz so i usually use it with sinkers. My lure pole is a Shakespeare Tiger Walmart special, I got the spinning version, not the spin cast, for like $20. 7’ medium action, i saw her in the store for so cheap i couldn’t help it, its a great setup i use for catfishing, I’ve had people on the docks tell me it’d be a good Striper pole too. I also have one of those 2” ugly stik dock runners with 10lb on it, the plan was to use it for vertical jigging but the spots i go to don’t look deep enough for me to just drop in with it. Ive considered braid but I’ve heard that it can slice/rip a lot more easily on rocks than mono, i go to the Inlet a lot and it seems pretty rocky down there
  2. Does he cast straight off the point towards the bridge or off to one side? I was trying to look at depth maps and it seems like there’s deep pools in both spots
  3. Honestly if it weren’t for the virus i could probably pull it off. I’m currently not working so i can get to a spot whenever i can find/buy a ride, but the docs consider me immunosuppressed so they really don’t want me out
  4. Also for anyone seeing this, a lot of people say sunrise/set, and a lot say look at the tides. If they don’t line up which should i go by? Is it smarter to go out every day an hour before sunset, or an hour before peak tide?
  5. “Can’t catch what isn’t there” is my entire problem. I feel like i can’t find any solid producing spots, and i can’t figure out when I’m allowed to say “nothing’s here”. I’m struggling to make the distinction between “I’m doing something wrong” and “there’s just no fish”, and what it boils down to is that I’m basically teaching myself. I have tons of friends and family who “love fishing” and have been going their whole lives, they go “all the time”, but none of them ever come out with me, so I’m just out there alone to figure it out when all i really need is someone who knows better to say “this is what needs to be different”
  6. i wasn’t disabled in any valorous way, I’m assuredly not a wounded warrior, i was just born like this. I’d be extremely remiss to let anyone think i was a veteran (not to mention I’d be breaking the law) All the bait stores by me are closed, that’s another thing that makes the rubber worms more enticing. I’ve also had some people on Reddit say they use frozen shrimp from the grocery store and salt them for Striper bait, it’s cheap enough that I’m thinking of trying it I wanted to try surf this year, my main problem is that i really can’t stand or walk on sand, so i can have someone bring me out and help me into a chair, but as soon as a stray wave moves any of my gear I’m in serious trouble. I looked online and those pvc beach wheelchairs average around $1500... disgusting. I’ve also had people tell me my rod is too short, my longest is 8 feet. It’s a Berkeley Big Game paired with a Quantum Optix, i have 30lb mono on it, it’s definitely strong enough but i don’t know if i could cast past the breakers with it. Ive also heard that the beaches are all closed, i don’t think we’re allowed to go surf fishing for a little, unless i pay to get in IBSP Lastly the inlet is a whole different story, I’ve been battling that water for a couple years. I never can pull anything out consistently. I’ve gotten some awesome stuff there (my first and only dogfish so far, around 24”) but my odds in that spot are about 20:1. From what i heard and saw it was pretty dead last year though, usually days when i didn’t catch anything no one else there did either
  7. I have 3” bunker storm shads, I’ll give them a try. I have a MTB subscription too so i have more than a few soft paddle/split tail baits i can try if there’s any specific colors i should work. And idk who grumpy is, but my story happened at Murphy’s on Rt 37
  8. Interesting that you recommend small baits (and to a further extent small hooks). I was at the tackle shop before they all closed down, a guy was trying to buy 2/0 Striper rigs and the employee was like “no what’re you doing those are too small, you need something like 6/0 for Striper” which seemed wrong to me. I figured he works at a tackle store and knew what he was doing but 6/0 seem kind of huge for small early season fish
  9. The one I’m at has the guard rails and the rod holders. I’ve also decided after wasting about $50 that I’m not going to use bloodworms as bait. I keep getting skunked with them and they’re too expensive to keep wasting, everyone says they’re the absolute best but they don’t work for me, and I’ve heard as many people recommend Clam and Bunker as Worms. If i got bites it’d be a different story, but it’s costing me basically $15 a trip for nothing
  10. I am fishing in the back bays and i am fishing this time of year, your comment kind of confused me. Last summer i was fishing for everything, i change with the season. Right now i hear about Striper being caught so I’m looking for them
  11. Hey guys, so there’s a dock in Seaside Park that I’ve been told is a good Striper spot, I’ve had a few different people tell me to go there, and I’ve seen people fish there. But I’ve never even gotten a bite there, and I’ve never seen anyone else get a bite there. I’d say I’ve fished this dock 20 times over the last year, I’ve never gotten any result at all. I use bloodworms, i use bunker, i use clams, i use spearring, i use plugs and darters and minnows and jigs, I’ve watched all John Skinner’s videos, based on theory i am doing everything right. At what point can i say “this dock is bust?” What’re the odds that there aren’t fish there vs I’ve never once thrown something they’re interested in? Just based on probability it feels like i should give up and find somewhere else, but the predominant beginner Striper advice is “don’t stop trying”. I’m completely lost, and now with the quarantine all of the “fishermen” I’m friends with won’t go with me (not that they ever did), and all the spots are dead, so it’s just me alone out there trying to figure it out. For the record I’ve never caught a Striper, never gotten a bite from one even. Last year my season total for saltwater fish was 5, i started going out in May, stopped in September, and went at least once a week. I feel like inshore fishing is a myth, the only time i ever see or hear of inshore catches are from surf fishing which i can’t do both because I’m disabled and because the beaches are closed. Besides that it seems like in order to catch a saltwater fish i need a boat with a sonar