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    My teenage Son has taken to fishing and despite being raised on the coast I only fished on a limited basis. So we are here to learn more as we grow in this new hobby.

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  1. You boys up there sure use some big bait.
  2. This resembles every discussion I have had with someone about adopting the metric system.
  3. Down in SC, we've been following mile markers as long as I can remember anyway. I don't recall it ever changing. Odd because we're not exactly known to be early adopters of new things here so maybe we just got it right from the beginning. I've been through a state somewhere that used the sequential system and you hit the two benefits.... though I've seen more than one occurrence of exits A-D all in the same mile marker.
  4. What typically see/hear come out around here Redfish Founder Sheepshead Trout Black Drum
  5. This question comes from an early novice when it comes to fishing. My son, now 15 picked up fishing with some friends via summer camp probably 4 or 5 years ago. We have been fishing together some, and making it a father/son thing with him, we both enjoy. We bought him a entry level rod & reel, cheapy when he got started and it is now at it's end of life, being drug around through summer camps with a bunch of kids 10-13 at the time. Now I'm looking to buy him a new setup and I've not had enough experience at this point to know what I'm really looking for or what is worth spending money on. I'm looking for any advice on what to look for or avoid, or suggestions. This should be versatile, something he can pick up and go with friends where ever that might be. Virtually all dock and pier salt water fishing around the harbor here or along the rivers. I could see the occasional surf use, but to date it has been more limited. Thanks in advance for any help. With possibilities out there I am probably missing some info that might help, so please let me know if I need to add anything.
  6. We think 12. Too early.
  7. We had a pair of Bengals (now just one) we picked up from a local family that was having to let them go and heartbroken for it. They were a brother sister, both very different than any cat we had previously, and couldn't have been more different personalities. They were either laying around on top of each other or fighting like and sister Brother was into everything, to the point of occasionally being annoying, but in a fun way. He was either keeping to himself or demanding attention and in those moments there was no passiveness about it. He would greet me in the morning before my eyes were fully open, jump up on the counter and actually try to pull my hand to his head with a paw OR take his own paw and rub the side of his head with eyes dead on mine as if to say "excuse me.. where is the petting here." On the couch he would nudge his head under our hands. Sister could not stay far enough away from a human being... nervous nervous nervous. We lost the male to a heart disease and rather early. It caught us off guard because they have a reputation for being hearty cats. Since that time the Female has opened up quite a bit more. She will come around us one person at a time, and is starting to appreciate attention. I've wondered if it wasn't his dominance that had her all wound up all the time.
  8. HOLY CR..OW I haven't seen gas below a buck since the 90's.. ish. $1.65 at Costco here. $1.80-1.90 everywhere else.
  9. There was a beach in GA where the local town counsel decided to close their beaches, and then when the Gov decided to issue a "stay at home" he included a requirement for the beaches to stay open. Politics are all a bit dysfunctional these days, regardless of where you stand.
  10. Orchestra
  11. About a week or so ago there were some Chinese open for takeout as we ordered from a local place, one of the better around. I haven't had my eyes open for specifically for Asian Restaurants being open/closed, but I'll say fortunately there hasn't been any local nonsense against Asians in my neck of the woods. I can't understand the insanity that gets in some people's heads. You've got me thinking it's time for Chinese take out again. I'll be looking tomorrow to see who is still open.
  12. So this is a hands on only sport now?
  13. I'm in. Thanks for the Op!
  14. So is there anywhere in the area you can both legally and responsibly fish (other than a pvt dock)? The only place that even occurs to me is The Battery downtown as it really is just a sidewalk along the harbor. If everyone goes out and takes a walk, fishes, leans on, touches the railings etc... then we aren't accomplishing anything for separation so I'm hesitant to go even if it is technically open. I think it's just an exercise in patience.
  15. It's on the Blu-Ray to get list. I'll move it up the priority list.