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  1. Thanks for the help man, I can only find the 1321m as a blank, does that mean that if you wanted one, you would have to get it custom built? I kinda of want a 10ft rod so i’m I have my eyes on the 10ft moderate action, medium power 2-5 oz GSB. How do you think this rod would fair at Squibby or other similar MV beaches?
  2. Im actually going to be fishing off of Squibnocket beach MV, rough conditions and i pretty much only use top water.
  3. Yeah, I can only find the 1201L in a blank, that’s the rod multiple people have been referencing.
  4. I caught a 33lber and a few 25s at squibby last year, as well as a couple nice albies. The fishing was pretty good.
  5. DO THE POLL - Which size Van Staal VR will be not too small, not too big, be well balanced, and have optimal casting distance to fish for stripers with pencil poppers in cape cod
  6. is it going to look small on a ten foot rod? What would the 150 be compared to in size, a 5000 size Shimano?
  7. Im now thinking I might go with a lamiglas GSB 10ft moderate action, but I just looked at the Century Surf Machine, and although its very expensive it looks like a beautifully crafted rod. Are the surf machines moderate action?
  8. What size Van Staal VR should I put on a 10 ft lamiglas GSB i’m going to be plugging with primarily pencil poppers in cape cod. I’m looking at the VR 150 and 175, I want something that matches the rod right, i don’t want something that’s overpowered or underpowered. According to tackle direct, the VR 175 holds 540 yds of 30lb braid, and I can only find 500 yds of 30 lb braid( power pro), and i don’t want to pay $114 for a spool of 1500yds of power pro braided line. Would it matter if i didn’t fully fill the reel? The VR 150 however holds 440yds, so i would not have to spend and extra $80 on unneeded braid, and it’s also lighter.
  9. Does the VR 150 seem like it’s the right size for that 10ft rod? I’ve heard that generally people put the 175 or 200 on a ten foot, but i wanna go as light as possible.
  10. if i where to get the 10 ft gsb for all around surf fishing, but primarily pencil fishing, should i get the moderate or the moderate fast?
  11. what length would you recommend? I don’t want a super short rod, nothing below 9ft but i don’t want something that 11ft.. I was thinking something like a 9”6 or a 10.
  12. Do any of you guys strongly recommend the Lamiglas GSB and SuperSurf over one another for using pencil poppers.
  13. I’ve had the 9ft St. Croix mojo surf for the past 3 years paired with a Shimano Saragossa 5000, and it’s been a great set up, I’ve caught dozens of 20+ lb stripers and a few in the high 30s. The reel is started to corrode and the rod is in pretty rough condition. I’m looking for an upgrade, and wondering if any of you guys have suggestions. I’m primarily going to be using pencil poppers, divers and buck tails occasionally, DOC spooks, and poppers to target large striped bass. I’m thinking to pair is with a Van Stall VR in a size I have not chosen yet( if you want to recommend the size of VR that would match with the rod you recommend that would be great). I’m looking for a rod between 9-10 feet that’s under 700$ that will hopefully last me for many years to come. So far I’m looking at the century slingshot. Any recommendations will help, thanks.