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  1. I didn’t know Roger Waters was a Russian agent.
  2. Snake? I thought he was dead.
  3. Good point knewbee. The current leadership has New York heading in the proper direction. The liberals are doing great!
  4. You people are sick. Stop distorting the truth. He said he was 30 when he was ‘making friends’ with a 12 year old.
  5. Looked like a tog trip.
  6. Cool article…
  7. Hudson Yards has some crazy escalator’s.
  8. NYCT network build out has been a CF for 20 years and they have been working hard to get right for the past 8 years. The implementation of ubiquitous video has been held up by the lack of bandwidth.
  9. Thank you for adding some truth to this discussion.
  10. How long ago?
  11. Throw a little feather teaser 18” in front of needle.
  12. A Bloody Mary with a bit more than celery.