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  1. “you tellem Frank”
  2. Your parents must be proud. Lol
  3. Shaddup Karen. Edit: man am I getting tired of this ****** woke nonsense .
  4. “Oh look, Belmo is having a dinner party”
  5. @IsmailG what topwater plugs are you bringing?
  6. That’s a sweet ride Teddy numbers.
  7. Nope, if you enjoy getting out, you go. One of my pals from Pa has been having some difficulty getting a turkey.
  8. I figure snook are like the striper of Florida.
  9. Proud of ya.
  10. which holiday was going on when you were down there?
  11. Have you actually shot anything in the past 2 years?
  12. Isn’t it great to see Kapernik doing well after being blackballed from the nfl.
  13. A united Republican Party needs stop whining about the last election and make it clear that what happened on Jan 6 was wrong. Liz Cheney voted for more of Trumps policies than Stefanik.