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  1. Why drag Thom into this?
  2. Not sure what that means.
  3. That's one way of putting it. Lol
  4. I don't think the folks working there are the same ones who would be on food stamps.
  5. NJ/Newark offered $7bil. Amazon took a look around and said 'no thanks'. Lol
  6. My man Donald snookered those dumb libbys. yeeeHaww
  7. Because they are looking for a stable mechanism to either get a return or break even?
  8. Wow, spoken like a true libby.
  9. Some day, I will catch the elusive white perch.
  10. I'm fine Terry. Thanks for asking.
  11. Mike, how much is the premium for your moron insurance?
  12. My friend had a Segway accident. Cost him $30k.
  13. oh for ****s sake
  14. If we get near debt service vs. GDP , that's bad news. I hope I'm stating the obvious.
  15. What is a good ratio of debt to GDP? I think we're way over that line.