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  1. That's one to hang on the wall.
  2. Nope, ended up being doctor sausage. Didn't it.
  3. Face blurred to protect the innocent.
  4. That's discussing the topic like an adult. Lol
  5. I will choose to post the trolling replies by whoever I see fit. It just happens that some are more prolific trollers than others ;-)
  6. This thread isn't about you. Why are you making it about you. So uncharacteristic of you.
  7. I'm going to start posting the gems that really don't dignify a response.... nope but the increase in foreclosure sure made the inheritance tax issue moot.
  8. I'm so happy you support....., aw hell , I'm just pulling your chain.
  9. Yea? Wait until 2020. We'll see who gets the 2nd place trophy.
  10. He may be a diabetic. Righties are soooo judgmental and rarely correct.
  11. That's nice but guess what 4 letters repugnant starts with???
  12. Did you take this picture ?