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  1. Please describe what you witnessed in detail.
  2. I don’t think Dinghy is racist. I think you’re an idiot though.
  3. What about moozies? Do their lives matter?
  4. Only if they counted rocks.
  5. Lol
  6. ‘Here we go again’ with the conspiracy, ‘I know but can’t tell you yet ‘ bs. We heard it before.
  7. And blame orange man.
  8. Don’t worry, the democrats will provide safety.
  9. But he was a great man.
  10. You just gave me a great idea.... Im going to identify towns where the average home value is > 700k and see how many affordable housing units they have as a percentage of total housing. If it’s not to my standard, I’m going to send a letter to Rev. Sharpton and see if there’s any interest in organizing some protests in lily white town. See how how many of those high priced libbies join the protest. REPARATIONS MOTHER****ER. :-)
  11. I was looking at CNN dot com . One of the news titles was ‘Protesters seen boxed in on Manhattan bridge’. I saw this last night on tv. The cops had orders to not let anyone into Manhattan. So the protesters who were already breaking curfew, were trying to get to Foley square which is one of there rallying points near city hall. The cops prevented the protesters from exiting the bridge. Eventually the mob turned around and went back to Brooklyn. There was no boxing in. How does anyone take there zany liberal reporting seriously?
  12. Didn’t see enough blood.