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  1. Does this story have something to do with headphones? Yes it does.
  2. You failed
  3. If you have to plug it in for power, what the **** is the point of this exercise?
  4. That's a big eff Eddy.
  5. Eddy, are you a skinny girl from California?
  6. Good morning Eddy
  7. How could you forget bridges of Madison county?
  8. Why do you hate Sudsy?
  9. Andy gets back to the game? I hope so. Hope KC wins it, those fans deserve it. Can it be tough defense rules the day? That would be Chicago or Baltimore.
  10. Silly deplorable. Don't you know that global cooling is part of global warming?
  11. This is crazy. Why does the government have to pay for abortions unless the mother is in a dire health situation.
  12. Wind alert is showing you guys are going to have fairly calm conditions.
  13. Hey Bellringer, thanks for taking the lead on this.
  14. Not a mets fan are you? Mo Vaughn vince Coleman Jason bay bobby bonilla juan Samuel to name a few.
  15. He had time. He held the ball in the pocket. Made me think he had confidence issues or his receivers aren't getting separation. Jeffery has disappeared.