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  1. Terry is never right about anything.
  2. Boo ****ing hoo
  3. 4 Muslims shot over a week in New Mexico. It’s been on the news
  4. I read ‘the Kite Runner’ . Very sad book.
  5. Yep, the media would’ve went wild
  6. I’m sorry I hurt you. Hopefully you’ll forgive me some day.
  7. Lol… video shows crew jumping ON police boat while the ferry starts taking on water.
  8. So…. A hate crime.
  9. Real greaseball ****.
  10. Afghani, in the country a couple of years. Truck driver, 6 kids. 2 of his victims knew his daughters husband. What was his motive?
  11. Ok… just seeing where you’re coming from.
  12. Quick… point out 3 lies.
  13. Holy crap. He is gone.
  14. We are all losers when Trump lost. Many people are just too warped to realize.
  15. This isn’t about Pubs vs. Dems.