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  1. Will you return to the thread if we make Ravioli promise not to participate?
  2. Yea, those are those bull**** offers. I know you're just pointing that out.
  3. Please post a real example. Serious request. Thanks
  4. The combined property tax/interest write off is limited to $10k so if you're in a high tax area, you won't get much of an advantage on the interest deduction. Please tell me where you get a consistent, safe 5% return on your money.
  5. Racist post reported
  6. The term 'assigned gender' cracks me up. Like God's assignment coordinator makes the decisions. Also, anybody who announces their 7 year old kid is transgender is a ****ing idiot.
  7. Ok, so it wasn't a real college.
  8. Because they've been screwing up. Lots liberals embedded in that important organization. It's obvious isn't it? Do you know there have been 7 attempts on the life of the president? He has is own private team (read: not secret service) that protects him? How in God's name did a Chinese spy breach security at Maro Lago?
  9. He will be president for 6 more years. He has, and will continue to set an example for Republican policy. He has, and will continue to move this country in a positive direction.
  10. One theme in the news is see is about Trumps staff not executing on some of his orders that would've put him in deep ****. So his staff saved him from being truly ****ed.
  11. So you think he's lying? He learned from the best.....
  12. I wonder how he does with the day job.
  13. Actually, I'm skiing! Lol