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  1. The last consistent surface action I’ve seen (of bass) was in early-mid August. It’s been unusually quiet and it’s been quite discouraging to keep motivated to pursue these fish. Seems like they moved out early but I’ve been wrong before
  2. Lights-out hardtail fishing this week. Landed 6 chunky albies Tuesday afternoon and at least 16 on Wednesday (all from shore). Had bones both days and spanish macks as well. But considering the lack of bass fishing in these reports, can anyone report significant bass activity aside from the typical outflow action? (a simple yes or no will suffice) I am led to believe I experienced the onset of fall run back at the end of July and haven't seen NEAR the action since. Put in a lot of hours this week, especially, but have yet to see a single school of bass which is just odd for this time in the season. ***meant to post up in the more recent thread. I've clearly been on vacation, losing track of my days LOL
  3. Much appreciated! Closing thread. Thank you both! Thanks SoL.
  4. Looking for a startup set of striper and albie flies. PayPal ready, thanks ahead.
  5. I’ll definitely take these and would be interested in seeing the surf candies as well.
  6. Looking for a few more albie flys: albie whores, epoxy bay anchovy patterns, etc.
  7. Sounds great to me. I’ll send a PM
  8. Perfect. Let me know your price, I can have PayPal sent promptly.
  9. I’ve circled the ones I’m interested in. In terms of quantity: Albie flies & epoxies: 2 of each that are circled. If you have any other silverside/surf candy patterns I’d be interested in those as well. Poppers & Topwater: 1 white popper, 1 black popper, 1 dragon tail in chartreuse. Deceivers: 2 of each that are circled Clousers: 1 of each that are circled. Let me know how much $ and we’ll settle up. Thank you!
  10. New or light use, please name your price. PayPal preferred.
  11. Bought and used this bag for the 2021 season and is well taken care of. No tears/rips or cracks in tubes. No longer have the shoulder strap since I wore it on a belt. Looking for 3(new) or 4(lightly used) lighter color variants of: CCW jetty swimmers Mike’s fat tail, commander, pikie RG gliders New/lightly used and/or combination of the above requested plugs. Thanks for consideration. I will pay shipping for the bag or I can coordinate local pickup in Rhode Island.
  12. Bump, anyone with 2 used Mike’s: C&R bullet, Pikie, gliders, commander. Open to any color.
  13. Retracting offer
  14. Just retracting my offer. Good luck in your search! Best
  15. Still interested???
  16. $125 shipped paypal
  17. Can’t help out there…good luck!
  18. Any specific ccw’s?
  19. CCW and fatty sold to Rob A.
  20. 1. Used CCW darter 2. Lightly used RM smith peanut 3. Lightly used Fatty Glider 5” 4. New Westin glider (suspending 60g) 5. New NorCal Snorkin Needle ~1.6oz Looking to sell as lot $135 shipped. PayPal only, please.
  21. Meet me at $65?
  22. Bump. No longer selling as lot. Individual pricing below: 1. Used CCW darter $25 shipped 2. Lightly used RM Smith peanut $25 shipped 3. Lightly used Fatty Glider $45 shipped 4. New Westin Glider $25 shipped 5. New NorCal Snorkin Needle $45 shipped
  23. Offer retracted.
  24. I’ve got a new yellow bunkah jr z glide. Taken out of package but never fished. $125 shipped PayPal.
  25. Yes, it’s the headbanger. It’s in excellent shape. $85 shipped PayPal only, please. let me know if you want additional pictures.