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  1. Looking for a few Mystic custom lures gliders, rogues specifically, in mackerel patterns
  2. I’ve got these. Slicer is very lightly used and does have some hook pointers. Spook is new. $155 shipped for both.
  3. Spot on with the historical bait movement; I’m just not convinced we even had enough adult bunker to really entertain the stripers that we had here in early May. I’m just now seeing the typical boat traffic that tells me that we have adult bunker, but even the rec boats are few in number. Even the kayak guys I’ve talked to are witnessing a lack of adult bunker. We did have a lot of peanut bunker holdover and I saw those schools firsthand this spring but from my own time on the water I never was successful fishing over them. Herring was the better option. Next couple weeks will be telling as things migrate our way from the west. What caught my attention is how dismal the upper bay has been and how on last moon there was a flurry of quality fish caught throughout ocean front. I just don’t think the typical quality biomass is sticking around due to lack of big bait. But like I said, maybe things west of us will provide some better entertainment in coming weeks.
  4. Seems like since the herring left the striped bass bite slowed waaay down. I covered a good stretch of Narr Bay over the last week, covering darn near the north-south & east-west extent and was scrounging for bites. Fished areas that historically have been very productive for me. Finally saw some bunker around last night but they are not the large schools like I’ve seen in previous years. I know a few folks that have been on quality fish over last two weeks but it was only for 1 or 2 nights, and those bigger fish were on the move. This first big push of bass moved in and out very quickly, hence the good Mass reports but still a lot of fish west of us so maybe June will surprise us. And I will say that the fish definitely seem to be using the bay differently compared to years passed. Going to continue the grind and embrace the suck! LOL
  5. got some to munch a redfin in the wee hours of the morning today, slow crawled at the surface. Several fish presented some wild acrobatics when they hit the plug which was fun to watch. Conor; loading them is the way to go to achieve casting distance and I also like the change in swim action when loaded. I also load with water, 9-10 ml seems to be the sweet spot for my preference. I prefer a single 4/0 VMC treble on the belly with a tail flag (no rear hook). Great pointers per usual, Steve!
  6. Bass enjoyed the wonderbread slim last week; and I enjoyed the explosive hits!
  7. Culling some larger bites on big wood; shaping up well for us here in Rhody.
  8. I saw a bunch myself though these were already washed up and dead. Did not see any swimming in circles. That sort of swimming behavior is usually attributed to disease (parasites) or physiological/neurological stressors. Maybe an indicator of poor water quality for them, could be disease, maybe additive effects of both? Bunker have been known to swim in such tight schools that they deprive themselves of oxygen so this could also be a factor.
  9. Slicer thrown twice but is like new. Nuke spook is new never thrown. 1:1 trades for CCW classic danny, cigar danny, or jetty swimmers - blurple, lime, eel, nuclear, white, or weakfish
  10. Add in the two yellow plugs (top right) and the new price. You good with Money Order? I could do PP F&F if you have a preference.
  11. Interested in the two suicides on the left plus the white troller. What’s your price?
  12. I’ll post a pic if I can find one. I actually packed the swimmer I have and my bag is out of state waiting on me to arrive next week lol! suicide swimmer is about 6.5” and shaped like a torpedo/donny or bullet
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