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  1. Looking for new or lightly used DNA 935 rated 1/2-3.5oz. Located in RI, can negotiate pickup in CT or MA.
  2. I had a chat with Alan. Not one of his. Swam this the other day and was very impressed. It’ll be added to the canal kit (~4.5oz) lol
  3. Go $40 shipped.
  4. NIP as lot, $45 shipped (USPS).
  5. Sold to capecod. Thanks SoL. closing sale.
  6. PM coming your way.
  7. 3oz blurple bottle, never thrown w/ some storage marks. $25 shipped.
  8. Looking for a range of patterns.
  9. I just reached out to him, it is not one of his continues!
  10. They are nowadays, but his early gliders were wooden. I've got 5 opinions saying Alan's.
  11. Any thoughts on who made this glider? Never thrown, recently acquired via online sale. Wooden, ~5oz and 6.5”
  12. Maybe one of them zingers
  13. Closing
  14. Respectfully, what would you have to get for those two?
  15. Would you do $75 for the white gordo and blue floater?