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  1. I can’t do $140. I paid $210 shipped from Gear-Up and it’s in great shape. I feel $165 is reasonable. If you are open to bargaining with me, I can do $100 and a new or lightly used plug. Been looking for a Franktown swimmer or danny, Surf Asylum flat glides or Mikes customs C&R bullet, commander, or gliders to fish (any color). So $100 plus 1 of those plugs (new or lightly used) if you’re able and willing to offer.
  2. Bought this bag last spring and used it for the 2021 season. “Like new” condition (minus removing the shoulder strap). See what Johnny_Bass has to offer and let me know. $165 shipped, PayPal only.
  3. No, only the 7 1/4”
  4. New C&R ditch witch. Looking for new C&R bullet in eel, black/flo green belly, white/flo green belly.
  5. Looking for two 1-3/4oz 7” black/chartreuse needlefish new or lightly used.
  6. Sold to ebb tide. Closing. Thanks sol
  7. I’ll send a pm.
  8. You interested in these slims? If not, I'm moving on to @Surf Caster's offer.
  9. Let me see what Ebb Tide wants to do. If we can’t agree on price then you’re next in line.
  10. Meet me at $210 to help cover PP fees? @Ebb Tide
  11. Two surface slims: 1) BI Green single belly hook very lightly used - $110 shipped 2) Midnight double belly hook NEW - $115 shipped Take both for $215 shipped. PayPal only.
  12. 5” herring, bunker, or blurple
  13. New ‘22 build. Looking to color swap for a darker pattern, blurple if possible. Sea sliders only 6” to 7” and prefer 2018 or newer. Thanks ahead.
  14. I’m sorry bud, I actually traded it with another buddy of mine. Apologies and good luck with your search.
  15. I’ll take Lemire