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  1. Nice man. Ive been looking for something similar for a local rock wall. They’re thick in the wash. Don’t have chenille so I might try clumps of laser dub tied in. And a webby rooster saddle butt for the shell. The V where the tip gets removed might make some little claws.
  2. Veering off the SW flies here but its small hopper season on the local tailwater.
  3. Rock on man! Some nice fish there
  4. Well I don't have a lot to base it off of since I haven't really done much spin fishing. That being said they seemed to swim pretty good! But to be honest I didn't use them a whole lot since little 2" swim shads were deadly on the SMB up on Saranac Lake. I hope to get up to my local tailwater for some trout in the next week. Will update then. Side note: I really wanna turn some on my lathe now. A big part of what I love about fly fishing is tying my own flies. So I think I'm headed down that rabbit hole soon.
  5. Metropolitan Fly Fishing Club****/
  6. Having a hard time casting these hardbaits with this rod but 2” sexee shads with a 1/16th oz jighead are super accurate and are killing it. SMB are a lot of fun with the fiberglass micro lite. Stoked to take this rod out for some browns. Im becoming a cheapo fiberglass guy. My eagleclaw 4wt and CGR 8wt are getting a lot more attention than my graphite trout and striper rods too.
  7. Yeah I learned that last year trying to wet wade the West Branch of A in chacos. I since got some wading socks. And I always keep my boots sticky with ice racing studs.
  8. Thanks man yeah. I'm barbless all the way too. From striped bass flies all the way down. Have you ever attempted casting a clouser with one of these rods? I'm hoping to get to use some of my streamers using a little shot. And thanks for the recommendation on Owner and Decoy guys. I'll look into it. I'm guessing a #6 is good all-arounder for 1/16th-1/8th ounce lures? I know it is probably somewhat dependent on the lure. Are stock split rings typically too large? I was hoping to use some of my fly tying hooks but the eye is oriented wrong as well as much too small.
  9. Picked up a 5'6" BP Mirco Lite Glass spin rod. I think that's what they call it. Haven't used spin gear in a few years and have since been bitten by the fly bug. Fly fishing has taught me small single hooks work. To that end I decided to trim all my trebles down to a single. I plan to eventually replace with true in line hooks but let's see how this does for now. The hooks are definitely on the small side now that they've been clipped but not overly worried about it. Would love input on what hooks to pick up.
  10. Hell yeah! Awesome fish man. Nice work.
  11. Hey all Can anybody share what the vibe is like in the North Country? My wife and I will be there for a week starting this Thursday. Need to tie up some flies but it's lookin' pretty warm up there. Wondering if this is gonna end up being more of a bass game. Our place is down stream on the West Branch of the Ausable. About midway between Wilmington and The Forks. Our place is actually a stones throw from the river but I'm not counting on the temps being trout-y that far downstream. Anyways. Just wondering if anyone local and share a scene report. My wife is 32 weeks prego so won't be doing much day time fishing or long hike ins. Probably be a sneak out at sunrise and home for breakfast kinda deal. Best!
  12. This was Carman's. I don't really get down with the pay to catch spots. That being said, I HAVE paid to fish the Connie and got pig after pig. At some point I started fishing a hookless caddis just to watch the eats. Don't think I even made it for full 4 hours. Place is weird. I recommended waiting till the end to check out the fish tank, lol. Extremely beautiful though. I think this thread is full of tips so I'd go back through it. That being said I've had luck on top with a downstream presentation on a long leader with light tippet fishing a beetle. Subsurface I've had luck on both a #20 zebra and a #8 zonker, both dead drifted on a tight line no bobber. Yeah man I'll give that a shot. Not much of a bank here but there is some structure to hide behind, so you're right, shoulda kept it stealthy. Probably won't make it back out to the island this year but will keep the streamers in mind. Some little minnows would actually be a great presentation here since a downstream approach is practically the only approach. I was so worked up over the rising fish I was kinda one track. I just don't get them rising like 10' away, even though I'm wading right in the middle of them, then still refusing the flies. They would follow a soft hackle for a bit but just wouldn't eat. Rising fish are catchable fish, but not this day. At least not for me. Most of my trout fishing is on the Croton Watershed tailwaters. Might be a little spoiled on the eager brownies there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Got my ass humbled yesterday. Hard. Drove to a beautiful spring creek out on Long Island yesterday. My, oh my! Second time fishing this hole and second time getting whooped. Crystal clear water, extremely soft flow, 2-3' deep, and in this particular pool there must've been around 15+ trout. Total mixed bag of rainbows, browns, and brookies. I threw everything at them. #20 comparaduns to #14 stimulators with a mop dropper. Unfortunately left the small stuff at home which I'm gonna say would've made the difference but who knows. Also kept it kinda lazy and refused to pull out the 7x.... I'm tempted to tie up some flies on these #30 hooks I got in Japan last fall, and take the 1h30m drive back out there to prove myself right. I know the fish could see me but they didn't give a ****, or did, but didn't run off, they just held tight. They were jumping at my feet basically. It was maddening. They wouldn't even look half the time then freakin nail a tiny olive so hard they were a good 6" above the surface. If I put on a dropper they would just ever so slightly dodge it. I must've cycled through 20 patterns in an hour. I hate to do it but when the going gets tough like this I'm always glad I keep a tenkara rod in the car. Kept from skunking with a #20 zebra midge tight lined on the 10'6" rod, but its just not the same as getting a solid eat when they're obviously willing to move on top. Anyways got a little 12' rainbow, and of course it popped off at my hand but I'm counting it as a self release. Everywhere else I've fished for wild brookies you can't keep them off a #16 elk hair. You can walk a several holes down and the water gets dirty. There they'll eat it all on 7' 4x leaders. Meanwhile a quarter mile upstream they just sit on the bottom and give you the fin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Gonna make it back around 8:30-9pm one day and see how the dusk bite is. Whoever said spring creeks are tough is right. Nice to fish some challenging water every now and then.
  14. Thanks for the rec. I've been meaning to read that, its just that watching his videos is just so much easier! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This thread is gonna provide us all with a lot of reading material. Not sure where you stand on the podcast thing but there are about a million hours of fly fish talk available. Wet Fly Swing being my favorite. 7 Stripes is a pretty great striper resource.
  15. Dude **** off with that kungflu crap man. I get it, I’m a newb here but I’m also a Chinese man trying to use a public forum to discuss something that brings me joy. That term is extremely offensive and uncalled for. There's a million list out there but I'm working through Streamers and Bucktails by Joseph Bates. Not modern but lot's a good stuff in there. Gierach just released a new book.