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  1. Wow, Jim, thanks! You guys rock!
  2. OK, losing my mind. I just returned my brand new Spinfisher VI 5500 to have the line lay issue fixed (loading too much at the bottom of the spool), because I lost the shim washers. Just received a new Battle III DX 4000 and made darn sure I didn't misplace those washers. So, loaded up some test mono. Same problem. Loading too low on the spool. No problem, I thought. I have the washers! So, I followed the instructions. I removed the one white plastic washer sitting right below the bearing. But then I realized that the shim washers have a smaller inside diameter than the original white plastic washer. They won't seat as far down on the pinion. And if I were to put two of them on, the bearing would be too high to be locked into the slot by the wire clip. Penn must have put the wrong size shim washers in the box... right? Thanks in advance!
  3. There are no shims. Just one washer.
  4. Thanks. But where's the Penn forum?
  5. No. Ordered through Basspro.
  6. Greetings! I loaded up my new 5500, and the line is loading more at the BOTTOM of the spool. And of course, I mistakenly tossed the washers that came with the reel. I spoke with someone at Penn, and they said that I need a thinner washer, and because it's "an internal part," they want me to send it back for warranty maintenance. This seems a little extreme, since the reels come with different washers already. Can someone help me figure out how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, folks. Just received my Spinfisher VI 3500 (SSVI3500). I was stoked! Until... I tried to get the bail to trip. I literally have to brute force this thing to close with the crank. I have never had any reel make it anywhere near so difficult. This can not be normal. I messaged Penn support as well, so we'll see what they have to say (I'll let you know). But the reel is going back, pronto, if this is normal. Basically unusable. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance!