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  1. I’ll take it for $61.00
  2. I will take them for $65.00 Shipped. Thanks
  3. Alcohol is definitely not a stress reliever the NEXT DAY. But yeah good for you very cool that you can put it down and not loose your ****. For me was different story I never had a drinking problem until I drank .lol. I either drank to fall down or I didn’t drink. Never drank everyday. But it’s been over 4 years can’t say I don’t miss fro time to time but I do with out it.
  4. How do you feel not drinking?
  5. Very cool. Thanks for the Info.
  6. Anyone know if this is a SR. ?
  7. Offer Withdrawn. Thanks
  8. I’ll do 3 for 1
  9. Hybrid Surfster.