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  1. Looks like Penn is throwing its hat into the ring with VS and Zeebaas. https://www.pennfishing.com/penn-reels-spinning-reels-penn-torque/penn-torque-ii-spinning/1371183.html#start=16
  2. If you would, what would take in price and trade for the VSs
  3. Could very well be.
  4. Looks to be new Available on 05/01/2020
  5. If the offer falls through, I will dibs on next
  6. Penn Slammer. I just picked up a 4500 myself.
  7. If you end up not liking it so much, give me a PM.
  8. I am thinking .....little garlic butter with those catches.
  9. Totally agree with you there. My 07 Dmax had a cap and we loved it.... cap(suv)... no cap( truck ).
  10. Hmmm, and here I thought the 4K size would be enough for a 9 ft. Two guys now mentioned 6k range. What do you think about splitting the difference with 5-5500 or is 6k the sweet spot? Little concerned with weight and staying in the upper 100s to low 200 range for price. I have played around with friends gear in the salt but, now I really have the itch and want to build out solid setups with a few nice “all around” rigs. From what I have read here and all over, the multi purpose rig may be more elusive but not impossible. Please keep the knowledge and experience coming !
  11. Same here! I don’t like playing favorites but, the BG and Slammer III are worth the money granted price points are or can be a bit different ( I hunt for sales ). The penn Spinfisher if that’s what your wallet desires should not disappoint at all.
  12. SOILD advice right there. That being said, as others have stated tailor to your needs and be mindful of how one swipes and where.
  13. Nice catch, beautiful fish.
  14. Same here, expanded the vegetable and herb garden. Clean the guns, garage and suvs...again. Work has be ok but, it’s different and I get it. I would say the more promising thing to come out of this crap is real face time with my kids and neighbors. We would only really see one another on the weekends at best with work/school/activities. Don’t get me wrong here this coved-19 can go suck a pickle! But on the other side of the coin I am good with. Do your best and stay healthy boys! See you on the beach.......someday.
  15. In all honesty, with a fly bobbin the FG is the knot to tie.
  16. Showed this post to the local neighbors, thank you for breaking the the coved-19 mold. We laughed our BASS off.