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  1. This request is most likely a long shot but, I am going to try anyway. If you or anyone you know willing to part with and has fully functioning Sargent Sportsmate Pliers, let me know. Sheath is plus but not required.
  2. Have to retract, they want way to much for a round trip ticket. Man I would like to have that rod! Plugger, you are up! How my cutting board doing ... lol
  3. I have a tube here that will fit that, let me contact brown and the other guys in the morning to confirm shipping costs. $35-40 bucks is one thing, A price Jump to a few hundred is another.
  4. Is this a GWR981S or GWR901S? Also would you consider shipping? If so I’ll take it.
  5. Pictures ?
  6. Up we go... Did we attach the pictures?
  7. Nice job on the mojo grip, looks like it’s a pretty sweet feel.
  8. Finally!
  9. Yeah, figured so...had to ask.
  10. Also, If LockedDrag backs out I will do 195 shipped with PP payment today for you.
  11. Slightly odd question but, would you be willing to part with the cutting board in the picture also?
  12. Let’s see those glamor shots
  13. As of today and Amazon $99 https://www.amazon.com/Quantum-Reliance-Spinning-Fishing-Bearings/dp/B07YFFL393/ref=sr_1_1?crid=XHP7MSW30OI4&dchild=1&keywords=quantum+reliance&qid=1588694226&sprefix=Quantum+rel%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-1
  14. Can you shoot a quick 20-30 sec video to show us?
  15. Closing for now. PM if interested
  16. New in the box with papers Penn Slammer 3 8500 HS. Never been spooled or mounted... I did spin it a few times though for fun. Retails for 330-350 depending on where, I will let her go for 260 shipped.
  17. Have to ask, what happen to the rest of the reel?
  18. KJWTF, I too am kinda new to salt water but, not to fishing. All I can suggest is this, read, read and then read more. Do your homework, narrow down options and ask educated questions and you will get educated and experienced opinions. Always remember, spend a little money now and reap the rewards ...with a little preventive maintenance and luck on the water. Think long term investment with a possibility of a nice trade in value. Tight lines, brother.
  19. I just recently picked up a Lamiglas XS 9 MHS | 9' 1-4 oz. Surf & Jetty. I have been thinking of paring it with either a Penn Spinfisher VI (4500), Shimano Baitrunner 4000 D or Daiwa Saltist 4k - 4500. Probably throwing on 20-30lb PP braid on it. Dual purpose plug thrower and light bait soaker. Any other reel additions... Thoughts gentleman?
  20. came across my 30 yr old fresh water tackle box. 90% of it was in Great condition . Minus the hooks and rigs on the artificial....pretty iffy. Just wondering ......since we ha the time. Would it be worth it to refresh the gear for some light surf play and fresh water business?
  21. Thanks Dah See. Once these pop up storms stop rolling through I’ll have a chance to grass cast this for a test drive.
  22. I took my rod shopping around to the guys houses who had the size and weight I was looking for. A day of drinking short, I pulled the trigger on Penn Slammer III 4500. Balances out nicely.