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  1. sorry fellas, it was yard work day and I just sat down with a beer. Mike- That is a very gracious offer, thank you. How long do anticipate being in VA beach? I ask because I have no idea what Aug will bring for me work wise and the kids school. JKang- I apologize if this seems like I am holding up the for sale line, not my intentions at all. If you get a offer please take it.
  2. I live in Raleigh,NC but I also go to VA from time to time. That’s why I mentioned if you had plans to come further south sometime we could meet up. I am sure you will have no issues finding the Lami a new home in your area. Tight lines Brother
  3. I can do that, let’s flip over to PM.
  4. Son of a ...gun, I live in the wrong section of the East Coast. I have been wanting to get one of these for awhile now. If you decide to ship or travel down the coast, please PM me.
  5. Respectfully offer 100.00 PayPal today for your US model.
  6. I haven’t heard of the mint trick. Would you be so kind to educate me on this?
  7. Or good to meh fight to shore, just got a lot harder.
  8. No worries, I was circling back on older posts last night and did not recall the sale.
  9. Are you still thinking of posting the greenie?
  10. Nothing huh?
  11. There is a neighbor selling a Ninja Tackle Dagger 11' Surf Fishing Rod, never heard of it but, I see the guys that make it are out of VA. Does anyone have experience with this rod?
  12. I’ll take this for 180. PM me please
  13. For me and the way I throw, yes. Richie wanted the specs on the lami I have it paired with since he saw my setup. As for a balance point, one can and will get a thousand different answers....it’s all up to you and how you fish the rig itself.
  14. Riiiichiiiieeee, what did you pair it with or still hunting?
  15. XS 9 MHS | 9' 1-4 oz. Surf & Jetty Factory Closeout: May have slight markings 9' Graphite Surf & Jetty Surf Rod XS9MHS Two Piece 1-4 oz. lure 14-30 lb. line Moderate Action Medium/Heavy Power USA Made
  16. I have the same reel on a 9’ Lami surf/jetty, balance is dang near perfect.
  17. End game? Well, peace of mind because sometimes the “voices”are right. In all seriousness, fishing for me is a time to disconnect and reset back to when we did not have electronic leashes. It’s a great feeling to walk away from the digital world we now live in, turn off the phone and focus on one thing.
  18. I was wondering if anyone else is having issues getting the rod to load .....or have that perfect feeling she is properly loaded? Throwing 8-n- bait with a akios F15 with 20lb mono. I have read here (SOL) that guys love them as a beginner “Heaver” or their go to,rod when needed. The specs on the rod are : 12' Heavy OSR12S 20-50 lbs. 6 - 12 oz. 2 piece
  19. That was going to be my next step, a video with 8oz and 10oz with measurements. Once I get a chance ... maybe this weekend , I’ll post it for constructive criticism :-)
  20. No, haven’t gone to 10oz yet. So far it been 8-n-bait
  21. No, I have not measured out an average cast. I like the F15 overall all. My last outing with it we had crosswinds and headwinds at varying speeds and the reel did well. As for the tip of the rod on the ground cast, I hover just above the sand and torso twist. Kinda like in golfing ( sand trap : hover just off the sand ) and ( Driving : feet planted, left towards water, right parallel’ish to the beach with weight shifting coming around during the cast )
  22. Hatteras and ground casting. I know my casting is not anywhere near Tommy's by any means and would love a pvt lesson from him but, until this covid-19 thing calms down....... I do pull or drive the butt end with my left hand, pushing with my right and my left arm finishes parallel with my left leg. Watching Tommy's video I see he stops short of a follow through and more or less ( thumps ) the tip. That may be my issue, all these years of baseball and golf making sure you follow through with your swing.
  23. Rotflmao!