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  1. He did say he was a bait and wait guy..... didn’t define who or what was bait.
  2. Respectfully offer 140. Is PayPal ok?
  3. I am interested , I would like to hear/read the response to ALB questions.
  4. I am in for the win
  5. Found this general description: Ultimate #S115 Fenwick Surf Spinning Rod-11 1/2' long. Model S115 which is a one piece 11 1/2' Spinning rod that weighs 24 1/2 ozs for 3-5 oz lures and 15-30 lb line
  6. I use two different ones myself. 1. North face backpack/diaper bag ( long story ) 2. A old military A.L.I.C.E pack for the longer walks. The Alice is really my favorite due to the fact that I can strap on sand spikes, carry lunch, jug of water, Plano flat boxes , etc.
  7. I like the hammered spoon and shorty for drum. The no=eql will work with blues if you do not have a sting silver.
  8. I’ll take Zeno and Doc please.
  9. X2 ....Hopkins (gold) for the VA, NC, SC coastline
  10. Their main site has nothing listed or advertised but, click on this https://coupons.businessinsider.com/llbean
  11. First reply was Lands End, my bad. I’ll be back
  12. Lamiglas (XS-9-MHF ) surf & jetty (1-4oz) with your choice of a 4000k size reel. I run the same rod with a slammer 3 4500 and #20 PP.
  13. I’ll take the back bay if Granite’s deal does not go through.
  14. Based on my experience with penn reels, they don’t like to be over spooled. Had the same issue as you with a slammer 3, everything was done right yet, I had a touch to much line on the spool. Once I cleared it ( several times ) it all settled in. The slammer has 20lb PP on it.
  15. Guess you want to keep them. Offer retracted.
  16. Sounds like a pretty decent first day, keep the updates coming in please.
  17. Respectfully offer 150 shipped
  18. BP has them, they are called utility wallets. They are in with soft tackle boxes. I would slap a link here for you but, doing so would probably upset the elders. Go on BP site and keyword search they look like zip up DVD soft cases.
  19. This looks like ( The social dilemma...on N3tFL1x ) . Programming , stalking and phishing ...basically phishing on a fishing site.
  20. ah
  21. Tomo....please PM me MD. I would like to be introduced
  22. Why am I in awe... yet internally saying NOPE
  23. After you read up on the Daiwa check out CCP ( CarolinaCastPro ). The CCPs are not counter balanced but, they are nice sticks.
  24. PayPal, responding to your PM now