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  1. In the market for a bailess reel to start learning on but, at a crossroads. Considering a spinfisher IV or the Penn Z series type ...price is a factor.... not looking for a VS or Zeebaas . I am aware of the differences between the two reels mentioned above but, for those who do throw bailess what did you learn on and would use today?
  2. Darksky
  3. Looks to be a 3.7 L V6 with 5k towing
  4. Nice snag Lax
  5. If deemed a keeper, it’s in my belly that night. If the fish falls short ...thats a Delma of sorts ..... could they be chunk bait or not. if not then be free and grow.
  6. This is great idea also.
  7. What about a Alice pack ( Med or Lg ) with frame.... customize it up with pvc rod holders on the sides, strap the sand spikes to the top/bottom like a 8itch mat, etc. Drag the cooler in a jet sled.
  8. I can do 190 shipped, I’ll take it.
  9. When I had my LBZ Dmax..... never should have sold her. Anyway, I put a deep well finned trans pan on and diff cover (Mag-Hytec). That and the added fluid dropped my temp by +/- 10 degrees. Cheap insurance IMO and driveway easy to do.
  10. Porktown is correct on many if not all things listed above. Every time I have fished that area near sunset, have a rod with a silver ready for the blue blitz.
  11. Big thanks to slice of cornbread for sharing the wealth! Thanks SOL closing
  12. It may be a long shot but, does anyone have copy of; Reading the Water: Adventures in Surf Fishing on Martha's Vineyard by Robert Post If you have a copy and willing to part with it, please let me know. The current web crawl pricing I am finding is just mind boggling.
  13. Thanks for tip Mike
  14. In the surf: Frog tongue Hatteras Pyramid coin/cushion Bay: 2oz egg
  15. Thank you Sir. I’ll take it.....PM me your information please and we will make this final.
  16. I take it for asking also, if the first deal falls through.
  17. Hmxm 1264 with cross scrim graphite, I believe is a Fenwick
  18. I got a email from rapala about their new toy, Suffix 131 ( 13 braid) pulled specs off their site for a look see: 832 braid specs 6 / 2.7 0.0060 / 0.14 2 8 / 3.6 0.007 / 0.18 3 10 / 4.5 0.008 / 0.2 4 15 / 6.8 0.0085 / 0.22 5 20 / 9.1 0.009 / 0.23 6 30 / 13.6 0.011 / 0.29 8 40 / 18.2 0.013 / 0.33 10 50 / 22.7 0.014 / 0.34 12 65 / 29.5 0.016 / 0.4 17 80 / 36.4 0.018 / 0.45 20 131 braid specs 6 0.006 10 /0.008 20/ 0.009 30 0.011 40 0.013 50 0.014 65 0.017 80 0.020 Looks like same diameter. Did you get any to test Scooby?
  19. Beginning to agree more and more with you there. 12.3oz vs 22.8oz is almost another beer strapped to the stick.
  20. Looking hard at the 706z on a 10-10.5’ rod but still studying with a Spinfisher 4500 on a 9-9’6”. Ideally I would like to use it in the surf along with some back bay adventures. Might just roll with fisher since it is cheaper .... then again if I really start to like it am I going to regret not picking up a 706z for a little extra. I’ll keep trolling the BST thread and see what shakes loose.
  21. Great information fellas, from what I am reading the consensus sounds like a Penn Z would be the best bang for the buck...Longevity, usability and maintenance wise. If they are anything like their big “greenie” brother, I should be all set. The Z is more $ vs the spinfisher but, I am willing to spend a little more to get more.
  22. I’m in