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  1. Looks to be a 3.7 L V6 with 5k towing
  2. Nice snag Lax
  3. If deemed a keeper, it’s in my belly that night. If the fish falls short ...thats a Delma of sorts ..... could they be chunk bait or not. if not then be free and grow.
  4. This is great idea also.
  5. What about a Alice pack ( Med or Lg ) with frame.... customize it up with pvc rod holders on the sides, strap the sand spikes to the top/bottom like a 8itch mat, etc. Drag the cooler in a jet sled.
  6. I can do 190 shipped, I’ll take it.
  7. When I had my LBZ Dmax..... never should have sold her. Anyway, I put a deep well finned trans pan on and diff cover (Mag-Hytec). That and the added fluid dropped my temp by +/- 10 degrees. Cheap insurance IMO and driveway easy to do.
  8. Porktown is correct on many if not all things listed above. Every time I have fished that area near sunset, have a rod with a silver ready for the blue blitz.
  9. Big thanks to slice of cornbread for sharing the wealth! Thanks SOL closing
  10. Thanks for tip Mike
  11. In the surf: Frog tongue Hatteras Pyramid coin/cushion Bay: 2oz egg
  12. Thank you Sir. I’ll take it.....PM me your information please and we will make this final.
  13. It may be a long shot but, does anyone have copy of; Reading the Water: Adventures in Surf Fishing on Martha's Vineyard by Robert Post If you have a copy and willing to part with it, please let me know. The current web crawl pricing I am finding is just mind boggling.
  14. I take it for asking also, if the first deal falls through.