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  1. Just wondering if the fish are starting to show up.
  2. I also have 2 specific questions. 1, I bought a savage sandeel jig that is 2 1/3 ounces. Would that be heavy enough to fall to the bottom for jigging? 2, what are some good casting tips? I know how to cast accurately but I would like to know how to cast farther so I can reach to where all the stripers are.
  3. What tides are the best to plan trips?
  4. I fished the Canal last year a couple times in september and november. I was able to land a little schoolie but I didn't have a good Idea what I was doing. I live near the canal on the mainland side and will focus on fishing the east-mid parts of the canal on the mainland side. I use a 9 foot PENN Spinfisher rod with a PENN Fierce 5000 reel. I'm just asking for some help from people who have fished the canal before and understand it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.