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  1. Thanks a lot man for the info. I might run down to the tack store and by some bait. -tight lines
  2. I've been out striper fishing a few time already this season and have got no luck. Haven't seen anyone get anything either. Could anyone give me some general recommendations for fishing this area like spots, lures, and or tides? Thinking about heading out tomorrow or sometime this week. Thanks in advance.
  3. This makes my happy too! Unfortunately with school, homework, and other things I was unable to go fishing this fall. But I thank everyone for helping my out and giving me all this valuable information! I will try again next spring and hopefully catch some nice fish! Hope you all have a nice day !
  4. I fish in sandwich mainly
  5. I am at the Cape!
  6. Thank you so much. Much appreciated!
  7. I have one. What colors do you suggest. I have a bone color. I also think the size might me too big as i'm a canal rat. What size do you recommend?
  8. Haven't been out for a bit and I was just wondering what were some lures for stripers and schoolies that have been working well this fall so far? Thinking about heading to the shop and buying a couple. Don't know to much about fall run as I'm always busy then but this year i'll be able to head out a couple times. Not looking to catch a monster just have a good tug on my line. Anyways, thanks for the help.
  9. Just wondering if the fish are starting to show up.
  10. I also have 2 specific questions. 1, I bought a savage sandeel jig that is 2 1/3 ounces. Would that be heavy enough to fall to the bottom for jigging? 2, what are some good casting tips? I know how to cast accurately but I would like to know how to cast farther so I can reach to where all the stripers are.
  11. What tides are the best to plan trips?
  12. I fished the Canal last year a couple times in september and november. I was able to land a little schoolie but I didn't have a good Idea what I was doing. I live near the canal on the mainland side and will focus on fishing the east-mid parts of the canal on the mainland side. I use a 9 foot PENN Spinfisher rod with a PENN Fierce 5000 reel. I'm just asking for some help from people who have fished the canal before and understand it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.