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  1. You can find varients of the daiwa..i found one called a sprint same exact frame as the daiwa made in Japan aswell came on a harnell boat rod lol
  2. Anyone interested in a original 15 ft ugly stik great condition ..i just cant sling 5 oz of weight anymore Maryland or will ship on your dime 75$ pickup...25$ shipped USA only
  3. 4000 is perfect for 8 ft rods i use tica....3000 is perfect for uglystik 7ft intercoastal i have 4 of them setups..5000 size is good for 10 ft uglys......i have a 15 ft original ugly stik with a 8000 size on it and 30lb big game ...i aint flexed it yet though my boy wants me to take it to point lookout and "flex" but i aint never used a 15 footer before with 6 oz of weight i may make a asss of myself.
  4. I have a 7000 been through hell since 99 and works great keep it oiled diff a lot better then the new graphite reels out here now ..mounted on a 9 ft uglystik with 20lb big game id put it up against any reel under 100 bucks
  5. Just grab a penn SS or Z series and just as good is the older black golds....i have 2 of them they work as good if not better then when new.Lots of people think IAR is a necessity its not fish really dont care.
  6. Plenty of parts for abus....more then i can say for modern penns shimanos etc etc most times all you can do is buy a whole reel and at that time the seller thinks he has a goldmine shimano dawia etc etc anyway and the price is twice as much as it was new ...i have over 100 abus mostly 4000 size and smalller .and old penns i can go online and buy what ever i need for my 40 yr old plus reels IMO id go with a 7000 abu for heavy surf and 6000 for anything smaller.
  7. Id do a 50 easy im sure that small penn ssg would bring ur money back and the rest good for your own yard sale and hang up the GOOD lures in a shadow box win
  8. Thks for info and me some old abus old reels in general
  9. Drag stack is different.. the 5000c has a drag that clicks when its goin out the 5500 has no clicking drag..
  10. Pictures worth a thousand words
  11. You gotta be from vintage penn reels on facebook !!
  12. As much as i like pfluegers smoothness and handle to gearbox mechanics id have to pick the shimano ...even a sienna IMO is better then the president ive used both reels and the shimano stays smoother longer better drag and better line lay made in Malaysia instead of China
  13. I use mepps and the older rapala ones with lots of success ..i multifish saltwater and fresh water as im 5 mins from the chesepake bay and 10 mins from farm ponds ..the hooks i do away with and change out to single SS hooks also put a zoom fat albert or other curly tail on them it gives them lift ...
  14. I find it funny ppl keep degrading the SS series reels saying things like parts gonna be hard to find (but they make 600 and 400 doller penns and shimanos that you cant find parts for that are only 5 yrs old)) and drags haaa all you have to do is buy the ht 100 sheets and cut your own washers ..yall keep buying that Chinese every year stuff ...ill just buy pinions for my penn or shafts that last like for ever ...
  15. Thks ...ya i may sell them and do some squidder jrs if i can find any thks for your input