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  1. Ged thanks for the help hearing all the horror stories about rod being misplace or broken by the airlines i wanted to go this route when i go away
  2. great post right to the point
  3. ksong does blackhole make a true carry on rod you can bring on a plane thats 10 to 11 long
  4. Jamie makes a great product i need a belt for a trip i was going on last minute. I could get one in time so i got a tiderunner belt could be any happier work out great
  5. i talk to them last week about the sale they do have them in stock
  6. love the video what history
  7. I was looking at the 10 Genesis because it was a 50/50 and was going throw tins and plugs in the 2oz range would this be a good rod for me
  8. love my cabo 40 use it down in naples ever year
  9. ksong are any of the rods you use from the beach a 50/50 split in 10ft to 11ft
  10. Looking forward to M&D's to open and meet the new owner.
  11. Was looking forward to the show. Hopefully they will reschedule.