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  1. this is insane. If it were two humans killed the beach would probably open back up in a few days
  2. my penn battalion snapped the 4th time I used it lol
  3. I've snapped 2 penn rods in as many years, will never buy another. One was on a nice fish (42") that took one last run as I was gliding it to shore and another one was with an upper slot that was taking a run towards a trestle and I had to apply a good amount of drag. Both times I was sorta highsticking them but imo they shouldn't have broke
  4. Hows the action on this rod? Cant find it listed
  5. I do better with mackerel for blues and stripers tbh
  6. I just double checked and it definitely feels like plastic to me compared to a few older Danny’s I have and I bought them right from their website
  7. I bought a few Gibbs "wooden" lures to try out during a sale they had a few months back because I had read their darters/needles run a little shallower than superstrikes. Well I took them out the other day to try and they seemed to have switched to a plastic mold now? I was at a river outflow with moderate current and both the darter and needle flopped to the top with no action. Also the needle was tail weighted which was disappointing since I've only had luck with level sinking. Was wondering if anyone has any experience with the plastic Gibbs or if I am using these in the wrong applications
  8. Thanks for the advice, I've destroyed a BG and a Spinfisher in the last 2 years as well finally have to suck it up
  9. I am having this same debate. I have no interest in reeling underwater so I don't think I need a VSX but would like a reel that can take a dunk when unhooking fish on sketchy rocks and potentially using the butt of my rod as wading staff in boulder fields. Leaning towards VR, Visser or Saltx
  10. no
  11. I use them at night in boulderfields with a stiff breeze in my face. Sometimes the fish are holding in a particular spot and its the only plug that can reach them
  12. If you haven't been on the coast in 3 years how can you even have an opinion on the matter?
  13. Thanks, I will take a look at these. Looking to get my first boat this off season
  14. Are there any other welded boats aside from Quintrex that are available in the North East? Quintrex's are impossible to find and all the other brands I am finding are only available out west
  15. could have been a sheepshead too