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  1. Jim, moving forward, when something is listed here it cannot be available for sale anywhere else at the same time - otherwise it makes the rest of the rules impossible to follow. Please close any ‘for sale’ threads here before you offer something listed - thanks TimS
  2. Tom - we have a political meme repository - it doesn’t have a sell by date - presently it is the one political meme thread in the PG. I would like to keep it that way until such time it becomes unwieldy and needs to be closed...that usually happens around 50K pages I’m gonna merge this thread into that one rather than have the same memes posted in a second thread TimS
  3. It would be awesome-ist if they filled in the blank honestly with something along the lines of ‘we don’t really know exactly but it’s obvious they are hiding his crimes with redactions - if only Mueller could read that redacted stuff he would have indicted the bad orange man!’ AOC...’I cant even’ Isn’t that what breathless snowflakes utter when something horrific and complicated they aren’t equipped to handle pops up? Like a double knot in their sneakers or their ice cream cone falls on the ground? TimS
  4. Posting pictures with anything in the background is fine - posting pictures of landmarks in the background not so much TimS
  5. I use an iphone and do not get them - they seem to target android phones. TimS
  6. Not really a lot to know - if a plug maker signs their plug they do it with their board name or company name. If a plug says ‘XYZ’ on it than the guy that made it goes by XYZ or his brand is XYZ. Some guys started adding the year the plug was built. Nothing to fill you in about TimS
  7. I’m on it...sorry...weekends are tough as the network ad folks aren’t usually around to make the appropriate adjustments.
  8. It wasn’t so many years ago that nobody on the planet ‘signed’ every plug they made
  9. Exactly as it says on the plug - that’s usually a dead giveaway TimS
  10. It would be helpful if you specified what ID you are taking about - a picture also helps TimS
  11. Sorry...couldn’t help myself, the one Mike sent me gets lonely
  12. Rule #2: 2. Items being offered for sale on this forum must not be offered for sale on any other website or in any other manner while they are offered here.
  13. It’s weird that everyone else knew it was inappropriate here except you
  14. But I’ll give you $156 for it
  15. You read that Trump’s campaign agreed to work with the Russians?
  16. When they have to explain to people what they should be upset about after a two year slam dunk we got him now investigation - they missed the target completely
  17. When they have to explain to people what they should be upset about after a two year slam dunk we got him now investigation - they missed the target completely
  18. Worse...Hillary supposed spent over a billion dollars trying to influence the outcome of a presidential election
  19. Russians tried to get Trumps team onboard over and over again - that’s not collusion any more than it would be a crime for you to ignore someone asking you to break the law.
  20. It looks great in the headlines for the frothing masses that have been led around by their noses for 2 years...it lets them envision a time line for their suffering to finally end. Ends up with Lucy snatching that football away at the last second when the meaningless deadline passes....again TimS
  21. Or fish under them for a while
  22. It’s all right there - the redacted words..it’s obvious ‘they’ redacted all the stuff that would have gotten Trump
  23. Lol...as suspected, the left is pointing to every redacted word as the bomb shell that would have told us how Trump colluded with the Russians...if ONLY Mueller could have seen THOSE redacted words he would have got Trump!!! Oh...wait....you mean Mueller and his entire team saw those redacted words already? Ummm....never mind TimS
  24. No. But you can open your thread again and tell them your thread it open and the item is available TimS
  25. I’m interested in the asking price TimS