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  1. There are cesspools on the internet, the trick is not to tie them to your website through links TimS
  2. I liked the part where neighbors were questioned and one said something along the lines of "I don't believe him, this is Chicago, everybody lies" There are so many funniest parts of this fake hate crime...when it SNL going to add a new "Jussie" character that every week goes on the Today Show to promote his latest fake hate crime? They are missing an opportunity here
  3. Been a long time since I watched a video on that sight, literally 12-15 years. Last video I saw there ended with a woman having her head hacked off by a group in Africa - very literally, hacked off with a machete, while she struggled...figured that was good enough reason to not want to be associated with that site through links TimS
  4. I'd watch that
  5. Because those same folks require that the masses rely upon the government for everything. Independent, employed folks are welcome to think - socialism requires people that aren't able to think. $15 min wage puts people out of work, puts businesses out of business and makes everything more expensive for folks that make more than minimum wage. It's the perfect plan for socialism
  6. I haven't looked at that site in more than a decade, last time I did it was an absolute free for all. The comments section alone makes it inappropriate to link here.
  7. Other than the porn, nudity, graphic gore and unmoderated comments sections of every video? I guess pretty much nothing
  8. We don't allow selling in this forum. In the forums we do allow selling, there are guidelines that need to be followed - check them out before you use that forum please
  9. I'm going to remain skeptical that they will change but it's nice to know they realize they should TimS
  10. I didn't watch the video. Live Leak links are and will always be blocked here, not the kind of site I want associated with this one If it's on YouTube it can be embedded here. I don't think there's a way to embed live link videos here, but I'll check it out.
  11. Restaurants can...right? Restaurants with freezers. Restaurants that might want a nice 50%...60%...75% cash discount on fresh striped bass. They can buy fish without tags, correct?
  12. So the cops finally shot Seal?
  13. I can't wait to hear your plan to right this injustice
  14. Is there any effort being made to fix that ASMFC's problems? Nobody can possibly believe a management body controlled by politics and industry without any requirement to accomplish anything or accountability to anyone won't destroy every stock they manage.
  15. I'd like to clarify that your average recreational fisherman mistakenly believes that the people managing these stocks they fish for would never let them kill so many fish that the population would suffer. That's why those guys are always FLOORED to learn that recreational anglers kill three...four....now even NINE times more striped bass than commercial fishing. They are astonished. They realize they've been lied to for so many years. Those guys are just now starting to see the light. It's hard to blame the guy that goes fishing and follows all the regulations - it's not their fault they trust the people driving fishery management decision. Blame the folks that know and refuse to learn - the industries and their advocates They know better - they are the ones that climb over the table to argue for immediate increase in harvest at the rumor of a barely positive assessment...and will vote ten times in a row to hold off in doing anything in the face of ten years of bad assessments...you know, to be 'cautious' TimS
  16. The striped bass population is in the worst trouble it's faced since the 1980's...don't you think if the "hardcore environmental groups" were going to get involved they would have by now? Fishing, luckily, isn't going anywhere. There isn't a group out there - no matter what fear mongering may be tossed around - that can stop us from fishing. The biggest danger to fishing is fishery management controlled entirely by the industries that profit from harvesting fish. That is, very literally, putting the fox in charge of the hen house. There's a reason why it's a bad idea to put the fox in charge of the hens The only thing that can and does stop fishing is the lack of fish - and that's where we are headed. There are already a ton of people who stopped bass fishing - and more quit every year. It's my opinion that the rec fishing industry advocates have it completely ass backwards - they should be fighting to implement more conservative regulations - that's how they will help the businesses and the anglers that pay them. One day they will figure it out, let's just hope it's sooner rather than later. FYI, if you want to make fishing illegal, step one is to make fishing so bad people stop doing it. Maybe the "hardcore environmental groups" you speak of realize there's no better way to stop people from fishing than to let the industries that profit from harvesting them control the management process? People won't fish for fish they can't catch, regardless of how many they could potentially keep if they existed. TimS
  17. Hey, at least you tried
  18. Don’t fall for the raise story - nobody in the history of the world has asked for a raise by hiring two black dudes to beat them up
  19. Drop all the charges AND give him an $8/episode raise if he rats out Kamila and/or Booker
  20. This does not seem like a huge stretch
  21. Beating up Frank instead of just asking for his lunch money seems like excessive force to me Frank dint do nuttin’!
  22. I don’t oppose their interests, I have my own opinions and those aren’t built around anyone else’s interests...just mine So...technically...they would need to oppose my interests...and I wouldn’t consider it war, just a difference of opinion. Maybe you are coming at this from too much of a militant ‘agree with me or be the enemy’ perspective?
  23. Exactly. How is that not an industry advocacy group deciding how much money they think they should make by exploiting a shared natural resource?
  24. I don't think it would be hard to prove race/sexual orientation were the prime motive for his actions - hell, I think it would be much harder to argue that they weren't