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  1. Negative...that's just gross
  2. Yes, he's incorrect - I never told him to keep all his jokes in one thread. He's wrong. And so are you That's keeping it to TWO THREADS per day. I never asked him to put all his jokes in one thread like he said I did. Two new joke threads a day is a long way from putting all your jokes in one on going thread.
  3. Show me where I was wrong - that's the very first step in telling someone they are wrong No, I don't agree with the lies, dishonest, incorrect nonsense - but I can understand how one could be wrong about those things - it's the stealing thing that makes absolutely no sense. If I said someone stole something here, I assure you, I've done my research - I don't say things like that lightly. So you go ahead and show me where I'm wrong - then you can tell me how I'm wrong - that seems fair, right? Then you can show me where I said I'm never wrong - something I've absolutely never said
  4. No…the dude with the laptop is me - being frustrated that you aren’t happy Be happy, Jimmy….find a reason, dwell on it, and let it make you happy A kitty…your woman…Red’s boobs…there something out to smile about
  5. I came to the conclusion that I get mentally lazy when playing - outta the blue it’s like I’ll literally forget some portion of the swing. Like come over the top, all arms…after hitting a bunch in a row solidly. It’s frustrating, it’s probably an ADD thing…but I’m starting to realize it’s just a lack of attention. And it happens when I’m playing a lot of golf I guess my brain says ‘you got this, you just hit a bunch of decent shots, you don’t need a practice swing, don’t worry about your grip, just hit it’ - and something snaps and I do something completely stupid God bless you playing today….it’s nasty and it’s not even noon - I’m gonna play with the power washer
  6. There is so much truth in that
  7. Good for Elon - I like the cut of that man’s jib
  8. I just removed a bunch of personal, off topic crap - you guys need to figure out how to stop making posts about people and keep it on topic.
  9. An answer for every problem - love this guy
  10. Does it have a separate little oil reservoir up top? Sometimes the oil reservoir has its own low oil sensor and even when things are working, if you don’t top off the sneaky little reservoir, it’ll keep giving the low oil bad noise.
  11. About the cheapest I recall was about 1983 when I got my license - I remember paying about .75/gallon. That barely covers the tax on a gallon now