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  1. Please make sure you read each of the guidelines - thanks. TimS
  2. We need to revisit this. Apparently you aren’t up on the guidelines here as you just had a thread removed because you’ve been cross listing items here and on eBay. So, I’ll ask - to whom did you sell the rod you were listing for sale on this website? TimS
  3. Thanks, I removed my post and your responses...it's all good TimS
  4. The more informal "yer" is also acceptable
  5. Lol...he wasn't a huddler mole You know I'd tell you if I thought he was, right? TimS
  6. We may need to get some ideas for an appropriate name to add...something like 'Smudgy Fudgepacker' or "McLovin" or "Pickle Smoocher"?
  7. As always...glad to help TimS
  8. More of a second or third request to help me help him TimS
  9. Ironically, you see an extra ad on the desktop...but it takes up so little of your viewing area that you don’t notice. On mobile devices ads have to be centered, right in front of you...they are noticeable. I use a laptop to view the site about 60% of the time....and agree, I don’t even notice the ads. TimS
  10. I wouldn’t need to, I could make a group that doesn’t see ads, call it something like ‘paid subscribers’ and let myself in for free But I don’t because I want to experience the site exactly the way I’m asking folks to experience it - cause that’s how I roll TimS
  11. I’m on my way outside to reconfigure the switches/spreader lights on the boat...had to wait for the mailwoman to deliver some LEDs...and she just did TimS
  12. I certainly would...first I’d let someone know so they could look into it - then I’d leave if they ignored me TimS
  13. If folks wanna suffer silently, go for it - as long as you know that if I’m knew about it I’d stay up nights until I figured it out so you didn’t have to TimS
  14. Seriously...he never struck me as douchey...ever...for reals. Do I need to start a ‘Why do we hate Joey?’ thread TimS