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  1. There are no make believe numbers in the math above Her math requires far more magic than actual math
  2. Negative - he showed me that they were correct with 5 hearts and 4 non-hearts. He showed the possible draws and proved the 10/21 probability was correct. If he explained how he got to the 5 and 4 missed it and apologize
  3. To confirm - your formula could be rewritten like: 10/21 = (hearts)/(total cards) x (hearts - 1)/(total cards - 1) Since there isn’t a whole number where (total cards) x (total cards - 1) could equal 21. But 20/42 would work: (total cards) x (hearts - 1) = 42 works when total cards = 7 And (hearts) x (hearts - 1) = 20 has to be 5 x 4 = 20 now we know: 20/42 = (5 / 7 ) X (4 / 6) Thank you - I now understand it I’m gonna test it out...need to be able to do it in yer head, it’s timed...so understanding the math is much better than taking guesses and seeing if it works...thanks again The next one gets crazy - something along the lines of ‘drawing two hearts in a row = 2/5 drawing purple than green’ Makes me wince just thinking about the math TimS
  4. I shall give this a shot, thank you The next question is gonna be harder..so I’m gonna work through this forumula and make sure it works before I ask anyone to really pull a mental muscle with the next one
  5. I’m finding it to be quite the opposite. We get so stuck in only requiring our brains to do the same stuff, day after day, year after year. It’s interesting to stretch the wrinkles out once in a while...at least for me Then again, if your job forces you to stretch the wrinkles out all the time, it may not be for you I’ve always enjoyed figuring stuff out...that’s why it gets frustrating when even looking at the answer doesn’t get me any closer to understanding the math
  6. The whipped cream on the boob girl is worth googling Angie Griffin
  7. And, yes, I’m taking about Frank* - I’m observing a mutual ceasefire with the other Frank as we work on descalation of hostilities - something everyone should be working on with someone in here
  8. Yes, I’m 100% positive he is not...you I’m only at about 88%
  9. ^^^^This works to confirm that they are correct - which is helpful, thank you Short of throwing cards on the table and then testing to see if the math works, can you show me the math to get from ‘two hearts in a row = 10/21’ to five hearts and four non-hearts? Thank you...I knew someone would understand what I was trying to say
  10. While that may be true, it is irrelevant to this ‘trick’ - the cards are unlimited, it literally has nothing to do with how many cards are left. I understand that most card questions DO rely on how many cards are in the deck. This type of magic trick question does not. It only has to with the specific cards that get put on the table
  11. Nothing, you’ve simply stated that they are correct - I didn’t doubt them I wanna know what math they used to get to their answer
  12. That’s the first thing I noted as well - it says money derived from this act can’t be used to remove sponsor, potential sponsor, or member of the household of a sponsor/potential sponsor, etc, etc, etc. My first question is: can an illegal alien be a sponsor for citizenship for an unaccompanied illegal alien child?
  13. Frank is a good dude, he’s a little weird, but to be fair so are most of you