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  1. Don’t make me have to put a limit on the number of red arrows per day
  2. Something I just realized today - you can't have "debauchery" without "Y" TimS
  3. Mike is good people TimS
  4. If we've learned one thing from Homer over all these years is to let the hate flow
  5. EB Harvey and I discussed the addition of a hunting forum here. He did some looking around the site and came to the conclusion that the folks in the Tavern that wanna discuss hunting do so in the Tavern...and the folks in the Enfield that wanna discuss hunting do so in the Enfield. Adding a Hunting Forum would be asking those folks to no longer discuss hunting in those forums but to do it in a new forum. It was determined that the idea be tabled for the time being
  6. Yikes...that doesn't sound like a healthy or productive obsession...have you considered typing "boobs" into Google? TimS
  7. As it should be
  8. That was my point - the NJ pension system is not guaranteed anywhere by on paper. And teachers pay into it so NJ politicians can keep spending from it. TimS
  9. In his defense I came across that lure the other day looking at pictures of lures - I forget the specific search terms...I would have paid better attention if Redfishkiller didn't give me one of those lures in April
  10. My total is less than Mickrazz's total. My total is less than Tom T's total. Tom T's total is less than Mickrazz's total. Feels like an SAT question TimS
  11. As luck would have it, this quest to better understand the "like" system, I just changed it so that folks could choose to give positive OR negative reputation points You can hurt someone's feelings by adding negative reputation...or a "dislike" TimS
  12. I just checked - I've liked 315 posts to date...I don't know if that's a lot....now I gotta go check some other people to get some perspective TimS
  13. A quick check reveals that, yes, there is a way for me to query the db and see how many times a specific member_id has "liked" posts I will leave it up to @mickrazz as to whether he would find the sharing of that information appropriate TimS
  14. I didn't say that was not possible...lemme go see if that info is stored somewhere in the database