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  1. Did the residents in any of those towns loot and destroy their towns and the businesses that employ them?
  2. Unable to post in my thread...why?

  3. You gotta be kidding - that’s exactly how liberals respond - violence - vulgarity - anger - tears - emotional outbursts. It’s one of their defining characteristics. Burning police cars - buildings - kicking a defenseless person into a coma - pulling a truck driver from their vehicle and smashing their head with a. brick...or a bike lock. These are liberal reactions. Lighting a police car on fire then dancing on it...absolutely a liberal thing...well documented to boot
  4. UPS doesn’t care how you paid - PayPal does. Sounds like he refused delivery - UPS may very well return it to you for free.
  5. There really aren’t any words...I honestly cannot imagine what you are going through...my heart goes out to you
  6. Side note: if you offer to sell something you make here via PM you will lose access to your PMs. If you want to promote or run any aspect of your business here you will need to advertise. TimS
  7. So how many ‘red’ towns were looted, gutted and burned by their residents? I notice you missed that question the first time
  8. Yeah....yeah...the mentality of pretending being angry justifies a shopping spree at any store you feel like smashing the window to get into is purely liberal. The premise that someone owes you something for something that happened 400 years ago - purely liberal. The concept that anger at bad cop who deserves to spend the rest of life in jail justifies destroying hundreds of businesses so you can stock up on sneakers, booze, phones and electronics - purely liberal. It’s the entire basis of being liberal - someone owes you money because you are breathing. That’s not a libertarian or republican belief. This is an entirely political thing. I know you know that already...it’s not a secret
  9. 100% a political issue - the towns where it happens are liberal - the residents vote liberal - the mayors are liberal. It’s absurd that you are pretending it’s anything but a ‘liberal’ thing. How many ‘red’ towns were burned to the ground by the town residents?
  10. They got the green light from democrat mayors all over the country - this is as much about free stuff as pulling any lever because it has a D on it It’s a shopping spree...this has absolutely nothing to do with police brutality or any one person dying at the hands of the police. Waiting for Twitter and FB to be shut down and sued for openly promoting violence and rioting - doesn’t that make them domestic terrorist organizations?
  11. Details?
  12. I’ve been in and out of my inlet each of the past three days - nobody stopped us, boarded us or fired upon us.
  13. I gave you a thumbs down for the Nazi flavored racist comment...possibly my first thumbs down...wear it like a badge of honor
  14. I get them all the time...it pisses me off, I block their numbers and have even told one guy to go **** himself. Probably a dozen numbers in the past 5 years
  15. I like her already