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  1. Rocks....if it was choppy enough to move the boat like that over a flat bottom you couldn’t stand up Those peaks are rocks, chance are there’s current and there are fish near every peak. They got way more rocks up there than they need
  2. Gotcha One of my favorite sea bass jigs are the old Megabait 2 1/2 and 3 1/2oz in mackerel color
  3. All I could do to not tell him
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed CnR insulting your looks... with Marty’s picture as your avatar
  5. Yer still a weirdo TimS
  6. Not everyone is as sharp as you TimS
  7. I didn’t mean you don’t have sidescan....poor choice of wording on mu part, should have said a ‘non-sidescan transducer’ Those don’t look like blackfish - sea bass or stripers?
  8. That picture is a great example of the difference - on a non-sidescan sonar - between fish that are directly under the boat and those that aren’t directly under the boat. The red/yellows are fish directly in the sonar beam - the weaker returns showing blues/greens are fish that are out to the sides of the beam. It’s a very good example as we can safety assume the size/species of red/yellows are identical to the blue/greens TimS
  9. Image hosted on a blocked site - the URL of the blocked site isn’t parsed until someone quotes the post. It should mod queue the post where the image is posted, but it doesn’t
  10. Tom, the problem is I can’t tell which post that is - I see a different post number because all the hidden and removed posts are counted in my post numbers...but not yours In that post click the ‘report post’ icon and let me know it’s the post with the picture that you were taking about TimS