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    God, family, surf fishing and helping others to enjoy it more!
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    Webmeister, Consultant, and online Fire Fighter ;-)

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  1. There’s a five second delay. You can’t post twice inside five seconds. Don’t sweat the double post thing, nobody cares of you have two posts in a row, everyone understands that it happens
  2. Agreed. It’s not always about just being correct, it’s often about not being a dick while expressing yourself
  3. PGA will be better with the LIV guys playing on that tour - LIV will still suck
  4. Nobody would have believed it if they already didn’t go all in supporting trans mental illness and dudes pretending to be girls. Their plausible deniability is all gone…they might as well tuck their junk, grab the lipstick and find Bernie’s phone number
  5. Yea, that was a brutal video…another member started this same thread but with a twatter video embedded - so I removed it. Unfortunately, I watched the video first
  6. Cops caught telling their dogs to ‘alert’ should be grounds for dismissing any case that has ever been built on a dog alerting as probable cause…and that opens a whole bunch of cans of worms I hate it when Seal is right
  7. TimS

    The Golf

    Nice…my misses to the right are very rare…but misses to the left are more frequent than I’d like…but at least I’m not likely playing out of the rocks
  8. TimS


    So you are saying wind isn't possible?
  9. TimS

    The Golf

    How's it look 10 yards on the left side?
  10. TimS


    You mean like all of previous recorded history?
  11. TimS


    How so? It proves that the winds are bringing the smoke down from Quebec. You asked how it was possible - I'm showing you that it is...because it's happening.
  12. TimS


    It's the cows, haven't you herd?
  13. TimS


    Is your contention that this time - out of the thousands of time the climate has changed - is because of people? What caused it the other thousands of times before people existed? You know at various times our homes were under 500 feet of water? And other times under hundreds of feet of solid ice? The weather goes up 1 degree Celsius in a hundred years and all the sudden it's catastrophic and paying more taxes can fix it? Sorry....not buying it...I survived the ice age they were predicting in the 1970's
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