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  1. A few sammiches short of a picnic
  2. Not the sharpest tool in the shed
  3. Name one river that starts at a lower elevation than it finishes.
  4. Slicker than snot on a porcelain doorknob
  5. Bob’s yer uncle
  6. This has never happened, Mick, the moon and sun rise in the east, set in the west and move at exactly the same speed across the sky every single day and night. Just like it always has. I’ve been watching it closely since before you smoked your first joint.
  7. I’ll let them know you are coming
  8. Yes, Mick, I’m going to tell you how tides work and how the moon rises and sets. Because it’s clear you haven’t the foggiest notion of how anything works. The moon has never stayed in the same spot all night - not once. No matter what you think you saw.
  9. We’re gonna need a list at this point
  10. He’s pretending there’s no difference
  11. There aren’t, it always moves at the same speed, no matter what it appears like to you. I’ve been watching the moon while fishing at night for at least forty years - it rises in the east over the ocean, sets in the west and moves at the exact same speed every single night. I know because I’ve literally watched it the whole way more times than you can imagine. It starts as a glow, just like the sun, then it becomes partially visible as it comes up over the horizon, little by little becoming more and more visible. You ever seen a moonrise over the ocean? It’s awesome.
  12. The solar system moves and everything goes with it. The sun isn’t moving faster than the Earth. This has been explained to you - it’s explained at the link you keep posting as well, you just choose to pretend you missed that part
  13. It’s amazing Colds and flus aren’t contagious, they just spread when people get too close to each other
  14. Mick, the tides work exactly like we think they work - I’ve been watching them come in and go out for fifty years. I can tell you what time hide tide will be on today’s date ten years from now on a chart. The only reason it’s so predictable is because the Earth is round and spinning and the moon orbits us at the exact same speed every moment of every day.
  15. I fought the urge to explain that...it’s a reflex...someone mentions those idiots and immediately I wanna make sure they know they rep Staten Island, not the Jersey Shore