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  1. Don't forget, we split the bitcoin 50/50 TimS
  2. He found it in a bag in his possession, presumably it was his and he had forgotten about it - not sure that qualifies as dumb...I run into thumb drives all the time around my house/office that I don't recognize but I'm sure they are mine TimS
  3. I'm confused again - how does someone a prostitute pays for protection differ from a sex trafficker/pimp?
  4. PM=

    I get tired of the whole not getting through a single thread without homo references...I expect if Deadman, it's his only move...I don't expect it from some folks TimS
  5. PM=

    Blasphemy and nonsense. Some of the folks on the committee are female The process for nomination doesn't involve any type of physical contact, save that for the Turnpike rest stops TimS
  6. If they arrange the meeting between a prostitute and their customer, I maintain that should be considered "sex trafficking" - they are in the "sex trade" and providing the goods - if it was cocaine they would be the "trafficker" - how is this any different? TimS
  7. He defending child sex trafficking? Is that rhetoric or did I miss where he actually defended child sex trafficking? My impression after skimming the OP was he objected to over hyped headlines and felt the government was using these over hyped headlines to get folks to agree to ignore the Constitution by using emotionally charged buzz words. Lest anyone misread my posts in this thread - I'm opposed to child sex trafficking. I'm not opposed to discussions about how our government uses emotionally charged buzzwords to get folks to give up their rights. I'm not opposed to establishing what different folks think certain phrases mean - that's what I was attempting to do, I wanted to understand what he thinks those phrases mean - MINUS the "child" part as I don't think that's relevant to the part of the discussion I was interested in having. TimS
  8. At that point it would make more sense just to turn off editing for everyone TimS
  9. Old post...just saw it now. You'd get buttons in here before Tom TimS
  10. "Sex trade" to me means any form of trading sex for goods or services. Another question - if someone is providing prostitutes to 'customers' - would you consider that "sex trafficking"?
  11. Plausible nothing, my question had nothing to do with children, it was an honest question
  12. ^^^He checked already Get a few light spinning rods, size 10 hooks and a bunch of worms. Head out at night to a quiet piece of water, preferably open bottom, near shore...the edges of swimming beaches are good, shallow flats are good, deep/slower holes in creeks/rivers are good. Stick a split shot a foot above the hook, thread on a worm - not a whole nightcrawler - too big - just a piece of nightcrawler or whole smaller worm. Cast them out, tighten up the line after they hit the bottom so you can see real subtle hits...you'll catch eels and catfish. Some spots more eels than cats...some spots more cats than eels...but they seem to enjoy the same areas and both feed mostly in the dark TimS
  13. Paul, I'm not a biologist...but I believe American eels exist in every body of water anyone would attempt to fish...freshwater and salt...fast moving and still...well inland or coastal. They literally get everywhere TimS