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  1. I edited your post We don’t allow: - PM sales - commercial links - embedded advertising - items listed here while they are listed elsewhere Give the guidelines a glance please before you use the BST forums to buy or sell anything here - thanks TimS
  2. Just to be clear - we don't allow asking for or sending monies for goods or services via PP Friends and Family. Thanks. TimS
  3. Greetings and welcome. This is a discussion forum - posting videos is not a discussion. If someone asks a question and you feel your video would help them (and it meets the criteria in the guidelines) feel free to share it in that thread. We don’t allow folks to come here just to promote their social media channels. Stick around, participate a little, I’m sure you’ll find legitimate opportunities to share your videos in a helpful rather than promotional manner TimS
  4. Sorry, a real basic two hook bait rig is fine - small hooks like #2 or #4. For me that's an overhand loop at the end of my leader then two good sized dropper loops tied about a foot apart, the first one a few inches above the sinker. Tighten them up well - then clip one leg of each dropper loop near the knot. You now have to 'leaders' to snell yer hooks on That's my ghetto high-low rig TimS
  5. Steve, chum with some crushed up clams/clam shells - they get worked up and will literally eat anything Squid would be my first choice...stays on better than worms and is much, much cheaper TimS
  6. I restored you post, my apologies TimS
  7. ^^^^This.
  8. It used to be one of the single most under utilized pieces of water in the northeast...listening to people complain about the guys who remember it that way is rich TimS
  9. Greetings fellow Tim It depends on the size of the outfit, length of the butt, the circumstances and even the lures you are throwing. Rods with short butts are usually fished one handed with the reel foot between either your pointer and middle finger - or middle finger and ring finger...whichever is more comfortable for you. In the course of a long trip I'll alternate between those two positions. You can also let the rod butt come up underneath your forearm for additional leverage or support if necessary. If an outfit isn't comfortable to hold this way it's going to be less than ideal for fishing lures for fish less than 10# Longer butt rods, big waves, big lures...those are the times you'll see guys put the butt between their thighs...and that's when you'll see their rod hand up above the reel on the fore grip. Can't imagine you'd need that much stick to catch fish that rarely get to 10#...the conditions might dictate needing more rod to get over waves. Fish under 10# and smaller lures I'd be fishing along the lines of an 8 1/2' - 9 1/2' steelhead/salmon type rod - something light that fishes up to 1 1/2oz but a short butt that can easily be fished with one hand. Hope this helps TimS
  10. Wanna be clear lot #2 is pictures 3 and 4? Is that one fly box or two?
  11. Did you just call 'dibs' on the dude's girlfriend? Congrats Byron Is that really the Susky? TimS
  12. Yup, missed an important word - added it now, thanks TimS
  13. I removed 34 off topic/personal posts. To the handful of folks that continue to NOT discuss the topics when they post - fix it quick. Read your posts before you hit submit - if your post has nothing to do with the topic, hit the back button. If you want to discuss the other folks in the thread, go to a different site. If you want to talk about something other than the topic, start your own thread. And if you don’t want to discuss politics stay out of this forum. Thanks TimS