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  1. Hello, Has anyone had any luck at the Beverly pier this year? I might go there tomorrow. Thanks
  2. Yep, I'm a teen and can't wait to make the drive up there to the river
  3. The parking is closed by the captain's charter?
  4. Hello, Has anyone had any luck at the river in plum island for keeper stripers?
  5. Hello all, I am a teenager that likes fishing. I am looking for a freshwater kayak for fishing use. I will be fishing on it. I am looking for a freshwater kayak with a price of around $500. Specific things I want in the kayak are rod holder, looks, tracking, weight, stability, maneuverability. Please drop some names below. Thanks
  6. Ok, thanks
  7. Hello, I want a kayak for general use. What would be a good all-around kayak that is around 500 dollars? Things I would wand are stability, look, rod holder, etc. Thanks
  8. I'm wrapping the braid over the mono and then wrapping it over the braid in a reverse direction. In a video I saw he wrapped it 2 times.
  9. how do you tie that loop knot on the swivel?
  10. Hello, I have recently just learned a new knot, the Alberto knot. I have tried it a few times trying to connect 40 lb braid to a 50 lb mono but I can't get it to cinch all the way. I was wondering if it's better off just to have my fish finder rig on just braid. Thanks
  11. You can have all the experience but in the end your right. The fish control your day on the water.
  12. Thanks a lot. It's taken like an hour for a response.
  13. Hello, My new Daiwa Bg just came in the mail. When I opened the package I found 3 plastic spacers in a small bag. I don't know where to install them. Could someone tell me where they go? Thanks
  14. Hello, I know that this sounds like a stupid question but how do you use them? I have never used circle hooks and do not know how to set the hook. I especially want to know this because of the new law and for knowledge. Feedback appreciated
  15. I c. I've been at the JFK once just to scout it. Have you ever been there?