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  1. fished the wareham area today and got nothing
  2. Hello, I wanted to gain some info on the bait migrations on the cape and around the Plymouth area. When does the first bait start to come in and what could be used to mimic them. I know about the herring run in the spring but are there any other baitfish that are mentioned other than bunker, squid, and herring. I am very familiar with soft plastics in freshwater and I am trying to switch that technique to salt. I noticed that Lunker City has 3inch sluggos which I think could work very well for finicky stripers or albies. I hope that plastics increase my catch rate rather than hard baits. What are your favorite colors and baitfish that you try to match? Thanks
  3. anyone been out trout fishing in central ma?
  4. ended up not going because the tide was bad, thought the tide came in earlier
  5. Might be going to hull tomorrow? Are the water conditions bad? Did anyone hear of mackerel around the pier? Thanks
  6. any around newport?
  7. Has anyone ever livelined a snapper bluefish for a striper or fluke?
  8. Has anyone ever livelined a live squid? Can you even do that? How do you guys like to rig your live baits?
  9. Has anyone ever livelined a live squid? Can you even do that? How do you guys like to rig your live baits?
  10. Hello, This weekend I am going up to Bethlehem NH for the weekend. Can anyone point me in a general direction of where I can catch trout on the fly around town? I am a beginner fly angler but my brother knows a bit more than me. Thanks
  11. When does the two week cod season open?
  12. This weekend I went to Yarmouth for visiting friends. Over the course of sat and Sunday I couldn't catch a single striper. The beaches and inlets had lizardfish and tiny blues.
  13. Anyone know of tackle shops that sell eels right now on the cape, does the Yarmouth bait store have them? Thanks