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  1. I think i use a 75lb spro swivel
  2. Youtube channel is Get Reel Bass Fishing if you want to watch it
  3. Will try it, thanks
  4. Hello, I got this reel from a friend. How can I clean it and can I still use it, still smooth. Thanks
  5. yeah we also used the yellow loon cement
  6. My brother put hardhead glue onto the string, it's used for fly tying
  7. will keep that in mind, thank you
  8. First bucktail I tied with my brother. Hair and jig was bought from bass pro.
  9. ok, great! I hope to catch one
  10. I got a pack of the 50lb ta clips, haven't used them yet
  11. agreed
  12. Hello, I just found this video on YouTube about a new surf rod okuma made. It looks really good and it's not super expensive.
  13. we will be staying up in the north area, I think Tisbury, but we will have our minivan
  14. alright, we plan to stay for one night for the first time
  15. Yea, we are staying for one night so i hope i get lucky and catch one