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  1. Double uni once tied correctly, hasn’t failed me yet.
  2. i have the permit for JB and others, just haven't been able to get out much but good to know that most are open.
  3. I haven’t check but was hoping someone has info on the night fishing status. I know JB is closed Until 6am but is there any beaches open at night?
  4. Again, a lot of great advice, thanks to all for responding. I went out to south shore beach this Friday since it was great weather. I know it’s a bit early for the stripes this time of year but I couldn’t help myself. I tried to figure out the beach like you guys said but it’s still a bit difficult for me. I threw the popper for for a while then switched up to diamond jig from there I went to swim bait and then on to the SP, not one bite. Got there around 930am and stayed till 1pm. It was great to be out there tossing the line out even though no bites and amidst all this covid stuff. A fellow fisherman stopped to chat as I was packing up. He told me I’m better off fishing inlets and back bays at this time of the year. I have watched a few of JS videos on YouTube, the guy makes it look so easy. when casting, is it better to cast at an angle that’s somewhat diagonal to shore? Or cast straight ahead?
  5. Thanks again guys for all the advice. Those white buckets are really frowned upon huh lol. I will take the suggestion that i may need lighter setup since i will be casting a ton. I just have to get out there and cover ground.
  6. Ok I need guidance, just moved to Long Island and love fishing. I never realized how much goes into the sport. I have a lot to learn. The last two seasons i’ve Been surf fishing but with not much luck( yes, i’m a bait soaker). I have tried some lures ( buck tails, diamond jig, spoons) out a few times but since I didn’t know what I was doing I kinda gave up. I have yet to catch a fish on a lure. I would like to be able to learn the lures and someday catch a damn fish. I have been to the trusty YouTube watched a few videos in hopes that things would change this year. Watched vids on how to tie different rigs, on how to read the beach which I still don’t know if I’m doing right. My gear so far: 10’ st croix mojo surf paired with penn battle 6000 12’ penn rod with penn fierce 2 live liner 8000 the 6000 has 40lb braid I believe the 8000 has 50lbs mono i think both rods are medium to heavy what the hell do I need to do other than “ get out and fish more”? More YouTube I guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks.