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  1. can you send pics?
  2. I’ll gladly suck on that @Oakman
  3. lol the photo police have arrived. oakmans bass in his bio pic doesnt look too wet either...get tf outta here. no need to explain yourself @striperblues
  4. hey there looking to order: smiling: white w/ red wraps; 2x 1/2oz & 1x 3/4 oz blurple; 2x 1/2 oz chartreuse: 2x 1oz spro: pink: 2x 1/2 oz; 2x 3/4 oz parrot: 2x 1/2 oz; 2x 3/4 oz
  5. cool thanks. a few more would be great if you could. no trailer right?
  6. would you mind sending some pics of the inside? what condition is the trolling motor in?
  7. thanks. i actually have a bottom rack so wouldnt be too bad if i had another person with me. will let you know if i have any more qs
  8. what is the height on that bad boy? need to see if it would fit in my rack
  9. beaches
  10. were all fish killers!!!!!!!!!!
  11. gonna have to pass, gonna close this up
  12. where you located?
  13. looking for one a little newer
  14. sub $400
  15. Looking for a 12wt rod