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  1. Ran across this old French Spinning Reel that does not have manufactures name or model number. I would appreciate any information you might have. It has a spool that is marked Pelican and is the size of a Orvis 100 because the spool from the Orvis fits perfectly. Everything works great but It need a new bail spring. Thanks Roger
  2. Thanks everyone for all the responses. I did find someone to weld one of the reels as shown in the picture attached. I also found a Youtube Video on a reel repair with a TIG welder and Aluminum Rod as seen on. Very interesting.. I knew it could be done but just have to determine if it is economically feasible to have it done. Finding a junk reel with a good side panel would still be the way to go. If there is anyone on this forum that might want to offer this service I think there might be a demand. Stay Healthy. Roger
  3. Have a couple of different reels that have broken feet to attach to a rod. A replacement side plate with an intact foot is not available anymore. My thought was to cut off the foot from a scraped mitchell head and weld it in place of the orvis foot. One welder told me it is "pot metal" and probably couldn't be welded. I don't think that JB Weld would work. Has anyone had any luck with this type of repair?? Thanks
  4. I have a batch of Orvis Reels and have some rebuilt but I was wondering if anyone has a system for getting the color back on from one that is faded. I don't want to paint them. I ordered some Silver sharpies that work perfectly for the lettering and the fish on the side of the reel. I had seen one on here someplace that was redone and it was great. I think it was done by SharkLobster for Bob G. but don't know how to get in touch with them. I am a newbee. Attached is a photo of just a few of my Orvis reels Thanks for any help. Roger
  5. Picked up one orvis a year ago and they multiply like rabbits. Great old reels.