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  1. No problem just learning the sport. A lot of dicks on the internet though
  2. Ok Capn! Lighten up I just edited it
  3. Rod to throw 4 ounces far
  4. Hello everyone very simple what 3 lures would you throw right now to catch fish off the surf on long beach island and island beach state park. Be specific I am a bait fisherman starting out throwing lures. Simple and effective dont overcomplicate it! Thanx JOE! Stay safe and enjoy the fall runs
  5. There is just something about a big 12 to 13 footer with a Penn squidder on it! Heavy payloads like a conventional! Actually anything over 4 ounces I prefer a conventional and it takes skill! I saw one conventional surf rod this year on long beach island! LOL!
  6. Looking for good conventional set up to take on party boats for dragging bait in the ocean. Fluke. what do you guys recommend?
  7. As was mentioned PENN CARNAGE 2 is a good rod for the money as is the PENN BATTALION. Both will through good distance. I own both in 12 foot 4-10 ounces. nice for the price point. It all depends on what you wanna spend though! DAIWA tournament ballistic is a really nice casting and fishing rod. CUSTOM CTS TOO! $$$
  8. Squidders, Surfmasters and believe it or not a 500 jigmaster will cast quite well. Using the plastic penn spool you would be surprised how good they cast but be ready with the thumb! I have weighed the spools and with 65# braid on a plastic spool it is very lite! Start off with 20# mono though. Have fun! I just was tossing a newelled up 500 with plastic spool and was throwing 8 ounces pretty far!
  9. Hard to beat for the price in my opinion. Quality components for under 139$
  10. Hello new to the site and very glad I found it! What is a good affordable conventional stick to throw 6 to 8 and bait. I know everyone has there own opinions but just looking for some solid info from experienced surf casters. Using squidders and daiwa sealine x30 sha reels.
  11. New to the site and also to surfcasting conventionals and i gotta tell ya i like the old vintage penns. Squidder and believe it or not I am weird and really like the jigmaster! Can really cast well with plastic spools ! I do wanna buy a new Fathom 2 though. I like a taller reel probably like a 25N. Remember one thing a wise old fisherman told me tournament distance casting isnt the same as fishing with lead and baits! Good luck a lot of knowledgable guys on this site!
  12. Penn Battalion looks really good for the money fugi components
  13. yep was looking at that same rod
  14. Hurricane funny you mention that tc2! I have the 10 and half footer rated 2 to 8 and i was thinking of just getting an 11 foot 3 to 8 for a dedicated bait rod. thanks for all replys so far
  15. Looking for a new bait and wait surf spinning rod 5 to 6 ounces of lead + bait. There is way to many choices out there! Just want to get some reliable info! Prefer 11 footer thanks in advance. oh and no high end custom stuff just a good solid fishing rod!