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  1. I should have said, I have an extra 420 gr Airflow line I can sell with it for $35 with little use. I used the rod for Coho and steelhead.
  2. 390 -420 grain skagit; the original owner used 480 short skagit!
  3. bump with price drop to $125.
  4. I have for sale a St Croix Imperial Switch Rod 11' 7 weight rod in good condition. It comes with original rod case and two tips, the original tip broke off and I repaired it, about an inch short. Blank is in good condition, the reel seat has wear from reel; see photos. This was my first Switch/Spey rod and recent purchases require me to sell to fund newer equipment. This is a great switch or surf rod. $150 OBO plus shipping. If you are looking for a complete set up with reel and line I may be able to set you for an additional cost. Thanks.
  5. Can't beat the original purchase price or replacement cost or ease. My last replacement was for a Sage during COVID and was a disaster. And now that they have changed their warranty policy I think TFO or Echo are fairly priced rods with great warranties.
  6. I have both models and I don’t believe magnum spool fits a regular Tioga.
  7. I got back late and will follow up with PM in am.
  8. I am interested in DC & Ross if you are willing to ship. What line is on reel? I am leaving for fishing for the day so will not be able to get back to you until later this afternoon.
  9. Interested in the DC, location?
  10. I would be interested if MV passes.
  11. I will send you a PM.
  12. interested in shipping? Thanks, David
  13. I am looking to go to Playa Del Carmen in the middle of June. I have done some research on FF in Playa and taking ferry to Cozumel. Maybe do a day or two with a guide and a couple of days DIY. Any recommendations on that time of year, places to fish, guides, equipment? Thanks.
  14. You are not interested in a 10? Thanks, David
  15. I have Bauer M4 with spare spool; backing on both. Also may have a Teton Tioga 8 with spare spool. PM me if interested. Thanks, David