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  1. sounds good! sending a pm now
  2. I’ll do with line for 190 shipped. It’s got tape backing with 40 pound power pro Superslick 40 pound. I spooled it myself with a machine and I’d guesstimate it’s got around 375 yards on it, basically brand new
  3. i've got one, ill sell for 165 shipped without line
  4. Let me know if you need additional photos
  5. Moved out of florida and don't get to fish much at all anymore, going to be posting some things for sale starting off with this gold vsb150 knob. bought it to build a black/gold 150 but have no use for it now 160 shipped to you
  6. hey im out of state right now but when I get back on the second I will check for more and update you!
  7. as far as I know this is completely incorrect. to my knowledge the vanford and stradic have felt washers in sizes 2500 and below, and carbon washers in sizes 3000 and above
  8. been waiting to hear more about these. how was the durability?
  9. I spool a lot of reels at my job, and ive found that a 6 gosa will fit 300 yards of 30, 250 of 40, and 200 of 50 pretty well. this goes for most lines like suffix 832 and spider wire stealth. Some lines like invisibraid tend to run a bit thicker, and that will affect your line capacity
  10. I can send more pics if interested as well
  11. I thought I had more but I think I have most of them away. The top row is all floaters, with the ones in boxes being brand new and the ones out obeying used. The bottom row is all sinking but I know you were loooking for the bunker color so I through a few of those in. If you want I’ll do the whole top row for 55$ shipped + 6$ for every lure you want off the bottom row
  12. im going to dig through my bag today and find all the ones ive got, sorry for the wait! as for the lures they are awesome but I never use my 152FL because they don't cast as far as the rockett
  13. I remove my drag knobs and spools after every rinse, allowing the drag washers to decompress which I think maintains your drags range of adjustment, which is critical for felt. I also do it so that if any water somehow gets under my drag knob it can evaporate and not sit in my spool
  14. ive got a bunch. any color you're interested in?
  15. there is no 5000 with a drag the same as your saltiga 8000 lol. when they come out with a 5-6k saltiga that's the closest you'll get