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  1. every bailless Van Staal ive ever felt has had this. totally normal!
  2. ive noticed penn battle 2 reels tend to be pretty off with their capacity ratings. it might sound crazy but eyeballing Penns seems to be one of the better ways of determining line capacity lol
  3. that was my thought too, im thinking I may apply a small dab of jb weld to the stop point to build it up and hope that fixes it.
  4. that is a badass rod and reel setup that im sure you are going to love!!!
  5. Hahahaha I saw the message you left him. I felt bad because I bought the reel like 2 days before the listing ended and he didn’t cancel it which seemed odd
  6. the rizzuto finish is great, but with long 130 pound leaders and rods that smaller guides, I need a finish that enables the leader to go through the guides with a rizzuto ive found that it leaves a "nub" of leader on the end and stops the line in the guides almost every single time. the half hitches at the end taper it and it slides through the guides much easier. that and a rizzuto isn't fun to tie in the dark lol
  7. definitely could be cleaned up but I am very confident in its ability to hold, and that's all that matters
  8. Here’s a photo of what I like mine to look like. In this it’s 50 pound j braid to 130 pound mono, and I like this combination to have a knot at least 3 inches long
  9. if your fg knots are coming undone even after a few hours you need to be tying it differently. Ive used FG knots for an entire day of fishing and I have had 0 issues. When I first learned the knot a few years ago, I occasionally had the issues you described. Now I use excessive amounts of wraps, cinch it down as tight as possible, and use alternating half hitches as well as some that have as many as four loops. and make sure the line is wet when you tie, it helps the half hitches lock down
  10. ive seen a few reels online with it, but I always figured someone had dropped the reel or done something to damage the bail.
  11. weird story, but the guy I bought it from in Florida also had it listed on eBay through an account located in Pennsylvania. same reel, same exact photos. you can find it if you look through the sold/completed items, it only got like 300$ in bids lol
  12. Facebook marketplace, price was pretty good so I’m looking to hold onto it but may be the same one. The handle is an odd sunbleached blue but the spool is a much darker shade
  13. bought this reel used, and noticed the bail was slightly angled down, but not enough for concern or issue just something I was picky about. used it a few times, no issue. Used it tonight throwing swimbaits and hooked a big shark at heavy drag, after a short fight that resulted in me getting bit off, I noticed the angle of the bail was significantly deeper.anyone know what would cause this?
  14. what size is that