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  1. Should have tried to get you while you were up this way Not planning on being back up north any time soon are you?
  2. My curiosity might get the best of me, wanting one of these simply to try it out I'm assuming you've registered the warranty already? Let me know your best number
  3. Have been highly considering grabbing a small visser for a while now and figured I would see if anyone had anything they're looking to pass on Would prefer a 4 but also would entertain a 3 Let me know what you got
  4. I had great luck with the last Shimano nasci, beat the **** out of it for years Will probably try the new ones out soon enough
  5. Rodger williams is on the water School has kayaks you can borrow / rent too Some good tog spots nearby
  6. Sounds to me like you would be best suited with a 9 ft rod rated around 1/2-3 ounces paired with a spinning reel in the 4000-5000 size ( alternately you could go with a 1-4 oz 10 ft rod) And some 20 lb braid I've had some great luck with the Shimano nasci as a reel, and others highly recommend the daiwa bg Both can be found around the $100 price point Would be hard to go wrong with either As for the rod there's a ton of options Tfo does have a rod that would fit what you're probably looking for but likely will be a bit outside of your price range ( they tend to be 220+ for just the rod) As well as my experience with their "tactical surf" series rods are that they're a bit too fast for my personal liking Im currently building a rod on one of northfork ( g Loomis/Tfo/edge rods) blanks that's about what you're looking for ( and it's pretty reasonably priced) Will see if I can find if one of those companies makes a factory rod on that blank, all should have the same great service you're used to It is also always worth keeping an eye on the bst here on this site to try to grab something lightly used
  7. Give ya about $3.50
  8. Hope and pray
  9. Don't own a boat myself but when I can afford to I fish with Kev from blue line charters
  10. Had a nasci 4k and used it heavily for 3-3.5 years with zero issues Eventually one of the bearings started to make noise so I pulled it apart, cleaned it and packed it with grease and kept using it , noise gone Would definitely buy another one in a heartbeat
  11. Not totally sure. It's not exactly what I'd like, but would probably work just fine Probably wouldn't want to spend more than 300 though Not sure if this is a sexual innuendo or if you've actually got something for me What have you got? If I end up making the trip for a few rods it might not hurt as bad
  12. Was an absolute grind to get a handful of fish for the day Wouldn't have been nearly as bad if there weren't 100 other boats molesting the porpoise schools they were sitting with
  13. Gonna have to pass at that price, I appreciate it though
  14. There's a very slight chance I do How much? I love my 9 footer
  15. Sorry, forgot to specify Currently looking for spinning