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  1. Will try to find a tube and get an estimate myself from post office
  2. Price drop $65 picked up for the 8 footer or $80 for the 10 footer
  3. Big thanks for working with me on meetup time etc Much appreciated Also big thanks to sol Closing thread
  4. Have two St croix triumph surfs for sale Pickup in CT or possibly RI or shipping at buyers cost First is an 8 ft medium 1/2-2 (trs80m2) 2 piece 50/50 split) Good rod, well used and isn't a beauty queen by any means but perfectly functional (has some scuffs and one small tear in the cork grip ) I used it as my travel rod since it breaks down to 4 ft and could fit on an airplane $75 Second rod is a 10 ft medium 3/4-4 (trs100m2) 2 piece 50/50 split Bottom half has some scuffs on the underside of it, but all superficial, top half is brand new replacement from st croix tag still on it $100 Happy to grab any more pictures or answer any questions
  5. All in my garden eating all my seedlings I have noticed less roadkill squirrels but I just figured they're getting better and not being flat
  6. If you can stick around until the afternoon on th 10th il gladly meetup in Milford, il try to sneak out of work as early as I can
  7. Would like to respectfully offer 280 for the nex1
  8. Completely makes sense, I wouldn't ask you to do that either Wouldn't have a problem getting to Milford on that Monday, except that I've got to work until early afternoon which means I wouldn't be able to be down there until about 4 in the afternoon If it works out you'll still be around later in the day wonderful, but if not no worries
  9. Would be interested in handling both and seeing which I perfer If you're going to be in ct anyways or anywhere nearby
  10. What would you ask for each?
  11. Tempting, slightly out of my way but I'm sure we could make something work if we decide to make a deal, going to let this thread run for a little while and see what else comes up Much appreciated, going to pass on the arra, thanks though
  12. Looking for a rod around 9-9.5 ft and that can throw 1-3 ounce Just curious what night be out there
  13. The folks I ran into last year ( haven't seen this this year yet) were from the us fish and wildlife if I recall correctly Didn't see them in ct but I ran into them in rhode island several times The one I ran into several times told me he was covering CT, RI, and MA for the time being He also took the time to double check my safety gear In my kayak
  14. All politics aside, people obviously poaching, and trashing spots, no matter what race, color, or anything else aside is always terrible to see and understandably frustrating, It can be difficult to not lump everyone into one big group at times, especially when you see it on a daily basis and don't ever see anything done about it DEEP and other organizations in neighboring states are generally useless when it comes to enforcement in the marine district due to several things 1. Busy with something else at the time ( keep in mind these same people have to not only keep an eye on saltwater fishing, but also hunting, trapping, freshwater fishing, and respond to nuscence and injured animal calls) 2. Far away (there aren't nearly enough of them hired to cover the entire state every minuite of every day it's just not possible with the number of people they've got hired, to enforce everything everywhere Chances are if you call dispatch and there's one of them not already doing something, they're a fair ways away 3. It's a shame that this has to be said, but we now live in a time and place where law enforcement of any kind needs to be cautious who they're checking + dealing with, because it's plenty easy for anyone to yell "discrimination, racism" and cause a stink and get someone in trouble at their work, or simply just cause a hassle for them I've spoken to some of the kids who do the creel surveys and had them tell me that they don't/hate to check certain demographics because they're always given a hard time I'm in no way trying to justify the lack of enforcement in the marine district, but I do understand why it doesn't happen more than it does And it is an absolute shame that the DEEP and other state organizations aren't able to/don't enforce it more That being said, the past year and half, I've run into the feds a solid handful of times which is very refreshing to see All of my interactions but one have been with the same individual and they've been nothing but professional and well done, They're checking spots, licenses, coolers, everything that should be done I would highly recommend trying to find a number to call for the feds, because they can and will enforce the law to its fullest extent (if they're around) And by all means, if you can get one of theirs personal work numbers, so you don't have to call through a dispatch to get ahold of them you should That being said they've got the same problems that state enforcement does, with being spread thin But when they're around they're great