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  1. If you decide to ship let me know, may work out for an upcoming build I have
  2. I love pushing blanks to their max One of my favorite parts about building rods I've got freshwater blanks that will handle 10,20, even 30 lbs And other heavier blanks I've tested up to a hundred
  3. The makaira 10k roughly has the line capacity of another 14 k reel But the weight of an 18k or even larger They're incredibly overbuilt and handle a bit like a brick. But I also have no doubts of their incredible toughness
  4. Still around Decent blanks Good price on most of um Some folks have issues with customer service but I personally do not
  5. I am out of central CT, but I do spend a fair amount of time in soco ri (especially come a few months from now) You're free to shoot me a message if ya can't find anyone else closer to ya
  6. You'll likely be fine Lots of guys using 14k spinners with 300 yards of 65 on it Generally running around 15 lbs of drag for fish under a hundred You've got less Usable drag than the super spinners but it's not super likely you'll need it unless you hook into a big fish In which case you're screwed either way unless you know what you're doing and get Lucky
  7. That last ones an absolute beauty Would love to add one of those to the plug bag
  8. It wasn't so much spare stuff, just that I was actually fishing nearly daily and it made more sense to have it with me at all times Sometimes it's unavoidable
  9. When I was 17 I stopped at the river to fish for half an hr after dinner on the 4th of July Had my window smashed and all of my fishing stuff stolen ( as it all basically lived in my car ) 2 brand new freshwater rod and reel setups, that I worked my ass off to get My one surf setup and my 2 backpacks full of gear Never got any of it back Guy never got caught Sometimes ya just get got
  10. Was quite the good show Managed to get out the door without spending an arm and a leg which is always good, but it was tough
  11. If I did want something that justified having true customs built I would probably wait 4 maybe 6 months max That being said any and all fire sales to general public would rub me the wrong way Yes I understand other folks back out of orders and you want to liquidate those if you've already built But if that's the case specify that when selling them But if I was waiting 6+ months and there were 3+ sales I'd take my business elsewhere
  12. Not exactly local but may be up that way next weekend (not yet sure ) Il try to make the time to meetup if I do end up your way In the meantime good luck with sale
  13. How's the fit on it? 6'3 250 ish Probably a bit large yeah?
  14. They do come in close on occasion The big girls don't follow the same rules as you might expect, I know folks who have claimed to see them off of soco breach ways/beaches Back when I was maybe 17? I was staying up north of the Cape with family for a weekend and decided to take the kayak out Wasn't terribly far from shore but it drops off quick there (maybe 200 -500 yards out but still 50-65 ft of water ) Ended up on top of a massive school of adult bunker, which ended up getting smashed by a relatively large tuna several times There's absolutely no way I could have fought and landed that fish with the gear I had, but I will always wish I had the gear, knowledge, and luck to hook up and fight that fish
  15. You're also able to swap over to non magseal bearings etc You don't need to stick with them Eric is the local daiwa guru and if you decide to grab this reel he should be able to help with any and all questions you've got And if you decide not to get it let me know because that's a solid price for a solid reel
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