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  1. This would be XMas gift so I don't think I can wait over the winter. I'll most likely order a watch that caught my eyes which is called Weret Weather Forecast watch. Very interesting. For Tatula, would it be TAEL761MLMFS-AGS that you are talking about? Looks like it's out of stock most places.
  2. Thanks. Don't looks like they have Dialuna, Tatula or Zodias though Don't look like they have them but guess they can find it. I'm starting to think not going with JDM rod with my luck with getting not straight rod and off-centered/mis-aligned guides. Looks like ti's $266 for me.
  3. Yeah, I looked in to that for lighter surf set up before but not for Fluke and I remembered about it. One thing about it was how sensitive it is or part that I don't know how it is. It's little different rating but I tried with Star Seagis that I have rated .5oz - 1.5oz which is somewhat close to 9M. As I mentioned in earlier post, it was most likely the rating, could be that I'm not used to 1/2oz jig head and/or wave/wind that day but I couldn't feel the bottom what so ever with it. I just gave what I think it was enough time to get to bottom and hope it stays in target zone while I'm jigging it in. So I figures I'll take it out of option as I wasn't certain about it. I might eventually get it for other lures I've mentioned for other species though.
  4. The man himself. What was the main reason you switch to 7'6"? Because distance didn't make much difference with 1/4oz between those two rods? Or Fluke tend to sit close to shore that you don't have to cast far? Any other reasons? I got a couple of packs of Gamakatsu 3/16oz and 1/4oz ball jig heads and tried with Star Seagis 1/2oz-1.5oz 7' rod earlier this year. Most likely due to lure rating but at same time, maybe I'm just not used to that light jig head, I couldn't feel the bottom at all. That's why I wanted to buy dedicated rod. The main reason I picked S96M was due to you mentioning it in earlier video and thread. All my longer rods are rated at least 1oz-4oz and I always thought about little lighter set up even before coming across your info for things like Mag Darter, SP Minnow, Tsunami Eel, Epoxy jig etc. S96M looked perfect for your method and light lures I've mentioned so I can Fluke with it and also slap on Stradic 5000 and use it for Striper, Blue, Albie(Need to catch my first one) and Spanish(Again still looking for my first one) and be very light surf set up. Things might have changed a little for me now though and the reason I'm asking above question. I've very recently ordered ODM Genesis 10' which I actually happened to receive it today. Lure rating on that starts at 1/2OZ which makes it good for all the light lures I've mentioned. So other than like 4oz-5oz(Which I still love to shave off) weight, this new rod can be truely dedicated Fluke rod. Depending on your reason of switching to 7'6" I might actually go with it now since targeting other species with this rod is not really needed. I might go with longer rod with lither lure rating at some point but not sure now. I also wanted to avoid ordering from Japan for reason that you mentioned. I don't know if I have bad luck with rods but more than half of my rods I ordered online had issue with either rod itself not being straight and/or guides not centered and/or aligned. There are actually 2 rods that I don't use it for myself since off centered and mis-aligned guides bothered me so much. Only reason I was looking to order from Japan was since there's no place here that I can buy in US. For 7'6", I could possibly swing Steez but kind of hard to swallow it not knowing if I'm going to like this method. Tatula and Zodia is more agreeable and can give to my son then get Steez for myself if I really like it. For Tatula, Daiwa Tatula Elite AGS Spin Rod 7'6" ML Feider and for Zodias, Shimano Zodias Spinning Rod 7'6" Medium I'm assuming? Both are rated 3/16oz - 1/2oz. Thank you
  5. Wow, just checked this thread again and see many inputs. Thank you! I checked Shimreels but couldn't find it. Japan Teackle Warehouse, I couldn't find it. One that I came close to was JDM part of Tackle Warehouse. Plat, I think I found it and they look like they have stock.
  6. Thank you both. I've checked Digitaka and looks like they don't have any Dialuna. Also checked Aisian portal fishing and they have 106 but not 96. 106 might be little to long for what I need. Any other places I can check?
  7. For next year, I wanted to try a single jig method for fluke and was interest in Shimano Dialuna S96M. I've never bought a JDM rod before and kind of lost to where to get them. I don't want to end up with fake one and one of the worst thing for me for buying a rod is when rod is not straight and guides are off center/mis-aligned which seems more than half of rods I bought had issue with. Matter in fact, I bought ODM Genesis very recently and the guide on butt end(not sure why ODM went 50/50) was off center to the reel seat. Not good for $400 rod. Anyways, I've found a couple of stores but wasn't sure if they are good and Ebay, not sure if I can trust. I can deal with Ebay if one is trustworthy. Anyone know of a place with decent price that has Dialuna S96M? Good with exchange/return in case rod/guide isn't stright/aligned? I've seen anywhere from like $250 free shipping to $300+$80 shipping. Thank you
  8. Nice that you have a place like that near by. Snakehead is one of species that I want to catch. I did fulfil 4 year journey of catching Sheepshead this year and will continue to target them as I love how it fights. But at the same time, time to catch new species. Musky would be another freshwater I want to catch.
  9. Weighs more than AWE 10.5'?
  10. Here is something to think about. If you want to switch to left side, why don't you just change handle to right side so you reel in with your right hand? I'm saying this because I went through number of setups till I got to where I am and I'm still open to a change and most likely will change again. I don't get out as much as I want to so when I'm out, I'm usually out there for long time and that causes malfunction of my body parts Elbows, wrist, ankle, back, fingers, shoulders etc. I though about switching rod to hold with left hand so I can balance out the workload to save my right arm. I just can' feel same thing with my left hand as I do with my right hand. And also feels like one step delay with my left hand when setting hook. I also debated to switch out to conventional and still thinking but most likely not happen. I'm definitely using it on boat though. Here are couple of reasons along with others. 1. Along with holding the rod you have to balance the reel as it's has natural tendency to fall. You can minimize this by leaning the reel on your wrist or arm but still extra think to do. Good side is, it give you a place to stretch your fingers different way than spinning. 2. Changing handle to right side and you don't have to fight reel falling, no extra money to spend(Who am I kidding) As spinning sits below the rod, there's nothing to balance other than holding the rod. This might not matter if you fish just couple of hours. Me, I fish 12-18 hours when I'm out on the Jetty so this matters. 3. Spend money on lighter gear. Started out with Battle 2 5000 and AWE10.5' which total weighs something like 34oz-35oz with line. I went through couple of rods and reels to find a balance of light weight but enough power to fight nice Tog and Sheepshead. Was using Trophy 2 9' and Stradic 5000 till 2 weeks ago when I snapped the rod setting hook for Bluefish. Any ways, that set up was around 21oz-22oz and now Okuma Rockaway HD 9' with stradic 5000 which should be around 20oz-21oz. From where I started, I shaved off about a pound of weight. You might say it's a pound but unless you are deadsticking hold a pound of weight 12-18 hours a day will kill your arm and other body parts especially on long term. 4. Use your rod, not the reel. I mean this because I had sharp pain develop on my left elbow to the point that I couldn't reel. This went on for months and some times it takes couple of hours before I start feeling it and sometime worst than other times. Then I started pump my rod even for smaller sized Tog and reel down with as little resistance as possible so my left elbow doesn't have to work as hard. After doing this for a while I haven't felt that pain for past 8 or so trips and those were times I caught my PB 24.5" Sheepshead and days I caught 60-80 Togs a day which will definitely give your arms a problem. Looks like SaltX 6000 is 18oz and just as a comparison, Stradic 5000 is 7.4oz lighter. That's the weight that your arm have to hold how many hours you have to hold. These are couple of things I can think of. Basically if you switch arms, get something lighter while you are at it. I recently tried my brothers Battle 2 5000 with 8' rod which should be noticeably lighter than 10.5' I had but that felt much heavier and bulkier to use than current set up. I know this is long and not really what you asked but I think something to be considered while getting a new gear.
  11. Ok so basically same way I do which makes sense. I was thinking you must know something I don’t. Yeah, I started out with probably 3 feet of leader but now using about 12’ tied with FG knot. Lot less break off of main line now but did notice 65lbs main line snaps more than when I was using 80lbs when pulling snag.
  12. You can use them but I do not unless maybe if I fish from a boat which I don’t often. This year has been great where I only lost 2-3 rigs per trip(I usually fish about 12 if not more hours so that’s pretty low number) till last 3 trips where I lost more than usual. On average, I lose about 10-15 hooks and sinkers but if I add up number of jigs I could have lost past Sunday, it could easily been $150-$400 with of jigs depending on if you count hooks and sinkers to gather or separately. Sure, I do spend lot of money on fish because I love it but have no intention of spending that much each trip. The thing that you have to consider is if you fish the jetty with current especially inlet, your rig will drift left or right depending on the tide and some times pretty fast and gets snagged easily. There were number of times I had to tie(I pre-make hooks and line for the sinker and main leader before the trip) hooks, sinker line and main leader 3-5 time in a row every cast due to snag and break offs.
  13. How the heck do you manage to fish with 20lbs line and leader? I would lose most of my fish if I use that. I love Togging and Sheepshead(just start to get them finally) and I use 65lbs and 80lbs braid depending on the reel and use 80lbs main leader and 65lbs for hooks and sinkers. I think I lost about 35 3oz sinkers and same amount if not little more hooks past Sunday(The weather was bad too) Caught many many shorts which 20lbs could have been ok but I did land 16.25 “ and 19” keeper and 22” Sheepshead. 20lbs won’t work for that. The biggest Jetty Tog and Sheepshead for me is 21.5” for Tog and 24” for Sheepshead. The thing you also have to consider is we are fishing rocky mussels bed structures. Even after one or two casts, your main and leader could have nick on it and 80lbs is no longer 80lbs and 65lbs is no longer 65lbs. There are multiple occasions where I set the hook and the line just gets sliced. Even 40lbs, I probably won’t use it unless I been using casting lure and change it to Togging rig to change up the game. But then everyone is different and fish different so if that works for you.
  14. I was out yesterday fully expecting not to catch anything due to weather. Ended up with 1 keeper Fluke, 2 decent size Togs and another Sheepshead. 22" little over 7lbs this time. This is crazy! Been targeting for past 4 years and didn't catch a single one and now caught 3 in a month! There must be lot more than usual since I was able to catch them. If you want to catch your first Sheephead or just catch them in general, now is the time and better hurry before they leave. Any idea how late in the season you can fish for Sheepshead before they leave?
  15. Since there's no rating, I'll share my experience. I have 5000 and it was my main jetty Tog reel. It's been exposed to decent amount of salt water. I take it to end of the jetty where decent size wave and splash is common so the reel gets decent amount of saltwater dumped on it. I've used it last year and had no problem. Since it was my main jetty reel, it haven't seen action on the beach other walk to the jetty on the beach so I can't comment on sand.