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  1. If you are going to walk the beach, no need for it. If getting on the jetty/rocks, put them on and never go on it without them.
  2. I don't know if Visser got any better but I believe many said it's not as good as people thought it to be or had some issues with it. I seriously thought about ZB 22 but it's not the weight I wanted. I wanted something around 14oz-16oz reel. When I go fishing, I fish all day long and I think I can manage 20oz-24oz and decent weight rod now but I don't know as time goes by. My body isn't what it used to be and it's only going downhill. That's why I wanted a lighter rod and reel. I made a switch from 24oz reel to 6000 Saragosa which is 16oz. Although it's good now, I don't know how many splashes it can take with sand mixed in it. So for me, Visser is out due to the issue and ZB is out(for now) because of the weight. If ZB makes something similar to 150(maybe a little faster IPT), I'll go that route.
  3. I agree with this. As long as it doesn't weaken the rotor and to the point where you can actually feel it flexing while reeling in, I won't mind a little flex. I hated Conflict 2 2500 for fluking because all the flex I was feeling. Felt like everything was flexing
  4. That's what I was afraid VS was going to do. I'm no mechanical engineer but the only way of fixing it that I can think of without making a new rotor was just that, more like a straight cut instead of 2 cuts like this but basically the same idea. When I thought about it, I figured I would have to cut enough that it's very close to where the screws are. That said, I don't know if it will have any impact on the longevity of the rotor or the line roller. Maybe it won't have any impact and maybe it will but it sure is pretty close together.
  5. Well, my 150 is going back for a refund for time being. Would go ZeeBaas route except the weight difference of 150 and 25. Don’t want to go VSX150 route because of what I heard it being a knuckle buster. Can’t win.
  6. Any update on this? I got 150 over the Xmas then saw this thread. I’m debating if I should just return it for now and see what happens or just keep it and wait it out. I’m leaning towards returning it for now but want to see if there is any update on this so I don’t have to. But at same time, I don’t want to miss out on the return window.
  7. Thank you, everyone! I have some time to think about this since this won't happen till next year. This was just a question that I always had that I never asked. I think best 2 options for me are: 1. Just settle with Rackarod type and take a chance with rocks or put reel side front and cover reel with neoprene cover. Don't think hitting but end with rocks would do huge damage if that happens. That said, decent size rocks do hit the windshield on Turnpike about 2-3 times a year. 2. Get Yakima rod box and size down all my jetty rod to 8' from 9'(If I'm not mistaken, rod box fits 8' rods) which includes son's rod. Brother has 8' rod already so his rods shouldn't matter(I just hate idea of breaking down the rod every time. Bigger surf rods for the beach are 10' and 10.5', these needs to be separated but don't think that will be much of issue since number of times I surf fish is much less than off of Jetty.
  8. I've looked at that too and reviews weren't that great? Like it's somewhat flimsy and the spring for the hinge just flies off when opening etc?
  9. Hmmmmm semi permanent tube for front half. hmmmmmmm
  10. Was thinking about Gladiator Mojave if I follow my heart but F150 Supercrew with 5.5' if I follow by brain. So no, it won't have long bed to carry rods. Although this would be mostly for fishing, I have to drive to office and face my everyday life with it. That combo is pretty big for office garage as is, superscrew with 6.5' or supercab with 8' would be too big for the garage to drive and park. Also, truck will be much easier to do some house works instead of SUV.
  11. That was another concern of mine. I used to mountain bike pretty much every day, but now, not so much. But basically I avoided roof mounted bike rack for that reason and got hitch mounted bike rake. Wasn't going to risky $10k carbon bike and rock. That said, not sure if there is any better option with truck. Although I hate to, I can break down surf rod which some are 70/30 and longest piece would be little over 7' but I do have 8' one piece rod. Can't store that in the cabin with 3 people I don't think.
  12. Sorry, I should have been more specific. Yup, rod/reel being secure wasn't much of a concern but actual rod was, especially if the front holder was a good distance away from the tip, I was thinking the tip will be shaking pretty bad at highway speed. I also thought about placing reel side front but wasn't sure about wind blasting under opening of the reel possibly pushing sand in further? or what happens driving in rainy days. Top of the reel face front, rain will hit drag know side which should be good but other way around where all the opening is? not sure.
  13. I've been using my wife's minivan to carry all fishing gear and rod when I go fishing. Next year, I'm thinking about giving my car to my daughter and getting myself a truck. Although I would love the idea of storing and locking everything in SUV, a truck made more sense as I can store all salty, stinky stuff in the bed instead of stinking up the cabin. This brings a question, how am I going to carry rods? I think a roof mounted rod holder such as rackarod, Yakima, Thule etc would be good as I can carry it all ready to be used. However, I have to drive about an hour on Turnpike which the speed limit is 70mph(and higher ) and a little over another hour local way which some times are fast enough.. The question is that people who use it locally driving slow enough, I don't see a problem but what about when driving fast? Will there be any issue driving at high speed?
  14. Well, I saw some of you respond to this. As OP, I ended up getting below. Little different than what I was looking for but I just couldn't find exactly what I needed. I end up keep using Columbia Silver Ridge convertible for daily use and use this pants when I know it's going to be rough and will get wet or it's raining. It's kept me dry and have enough pockets to store my phone, wallet keys ect dry. Also, have a zipper on the side that you can open from the hip to close to the knees for ventilation. Since I washed this in the washing machine a couple of times, it lost it's waterproofness so I end up getting a spray to waterproof it again and just wash it down with fresh water after I'm done. Working out great so far, I'm completely dry with this pants and a rain jacket.
  15. Sorry for the confusion guys. I'm talking about NJ but the same thing applies on Jetty no matter which state.