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  1. I am usually just casting 95% of time if not more. Anyone ever have any issues installing flush mount rod holders in their kayak. I don’t really love the idea of drilling 2” holes in the kayak.
  2. Hopefully they offer it with a manual transmission and a reasonable starting price for a stripped down version. Then maybe I will buy a used one in 3-5 years.
  3. Was fishing south shore of Long island at about 3am and had a search and rescue helicopter get me in the spot light. It sat over me hovering as three or four sets of headlights raced down the beach while I was in waders fishing. Turned out a mentally challenged person got into a physical altercation with a family member and ran off into the dunes. Needless to say I was a little on edge having my back turned to the beach.
  4. I will report back once I get some time to try out the suggestions. Might be a bit though. Thanks again.
  5. I would rather have to reach than hit the rid with the paddle. The only issue I see is that if I extend them forward my girlfriend will have a hard time paddling. Will definitely buy the extenders and play around with it. Much different then my Hobie and will take some time to get used to.
  6. Will have to check out the riser option. It just gets frustrating fighting wind/ tide and hitting the road every other stroke. Thanks
  7. Last year I bought a tarpon tandem kayak to use for mostly paddling and some fishing in the backwaters. However I have an issue with the rod holders put on the rails, I cannot paddle semi aggressively without hitting the rod no matter how I seem to adjust the racks, or the person in the front will hit it. Has anyone found a system that works.