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  1. Sold to nightmoves pending payment
  2. Thanks for the offer but will have to decline
  3. Should be able to get them up tonight
  4. I have decided to sell my VS 200, it has a serial number in the 8000s. I have not used it in a over 5 years but did do a self service on it before I put it away. The real is in excellent mechanical condition but has some visible wear on the exterior as to be expected with normal use. It is currently spooled with braid but I couldn't tell you the make or lb test. $475 shipped. Will try to get pictures up later, feel free to ask any questions.
  5. Check out ebay, once in a while they have a $100 off a set of tires coupon that you can combine with manufacturer rebates. I saved 200 bucks of a set of tires not too long ago. I have also had good experience with a local tire store that sells on ebay. Was able to reach out to them directly and picked up the tires myself and they took of 15 or 20 bucks a tire.
  6. Is that the engine with the internal water pump. I looked into buying a Nissan a while back but read about an internal water pump that is driven by timing chain that can cause engine failure when it goes. I guess that's why I have avoided them.
  7. I will have to compare the hole size in my hobie and see what's in the back of this one. Might be a few days though. Also I didn't realize the rudder was aftermarket. I thought wilderness systems made it.
  8. I would vote 4runner. Most SUVs I see out on the beach really struggle these days. I don't know why but I always felt Nissan built substandard products. Also the aftermarket should be better on the 4runner. The v6 in them has been around for a long time and the transmissions are pretty bulletproof. I would go older and higher mileage to get price down. Don't think they have changes much over the last 10 years.
  9. Will definitely have to get the kit then just had it out in the ocean and covered about 10 miles. Had to constantly correct due to wind and tide. I'm fairly mechanically inclined so I should be able to handle the install. I hate puting holes in my kayaks though, will just have to get over it I guess.
  10. Who knew there were so many of us land locked in the Charlotte area. Might try to take my kayak out next week for some redfish in the backwater. Will have to did through my stuff to see what might be appropriate.
  11. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience installing a rudder kit on a tarpon tandem kayak. I am debating whether or not it is worth it. Love having a rudder system on the Hobie, just not sure if it is a huge hassle/ risk of damaging boat. thanks.
  12. Well got out for a couple hours this past weekend. Didn't fish too hard but did get a couple hits on an x-rap and caught 1 lizard fish. At least that's what I think it was. There were some schools of fish jumping between 100 to 200 yards of the beach, sometimes they got closer maybe 60 yards. I tried throwing a tin at them but they did not want any part of it. Any idea what they could be?
  13. Thanks for the encouragement/ advice. I will have to reevaluate what I have and try to do some more research into what species are present off the beach and when. Any general tips for surfcasting in Wilmington area.