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  1. I have no idea. It is just barely possible that one of my classmates will know, although I can only think of two possibilities, only one of whom I am in touch with at all.
  2. I guess enough time has passed. My personal recollection of Teddy Kozlik is that he was a bully. Whether that relates to preceding comments is up to others to conclude, each for himself. To his credit, I will say that in his senior year in high school, he drove a Corvette. AFAIK, that reflects on his personal industriousness, not rich or indulgent parents. It was not possible for me to attend our 50th reunion, so I did not have an opportunity to discuss our differences. I did not mourn his death, nor did I celebrate it. I will probably share his having died in possession of a ****load of items not easily sold for their value, much less (in his case) their purchase price. Thus is life.