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  1. I hear ya! Would a tournament with no fees and no prizes be something that could be posted or does it still give the forum administration heartburn. I just love the competition?
  2. I had no idea there was so much poor sportsmanship amongst the fishing ranks. Even though my tournament post was deleted, I feel the discussion that popped up made it worth while - at least to me. Keep fishing fellas!
  3. ok- too bad people have to be whiny lil b's (not you)
  4. IDK- I sent an email to check (no reply yet), but as far as I can tell it doesn't break any rules. No ref to other sites, no for profit activity, just trying to get people together to have some fun.
  5. *
  6. It's open to anyone anywhere- I'm in Oviedo near Orlando--- How about you?
  7. Largies largies largies- they're eating good down here in FLA. Let me know if you want to get in on our 3 fish bass - shore tournament- $20 entry. all entry fees awarded as prizes
  8. Down in FL- the heat is on and the bass are in their summer patterns already. It's sooo boring slow dragging a worm, but it works!!! Fortunately they'll still hit the lipless too
  9. Quality is good- price is typically high- might as well buy the originals
  10. I'm getting mine out. Bought it years ago and never put in the time before- thanks for the motivation!
  11. Sweet!!! I wish we had those up here. Gotta stick to the Largemouths, but it ain't so bad.
  12. BThe bass are on fire in the local ponds in Seminole County- 13 yesterday up to 4 lbs- small spinner baits, chatterbaits, and rattletraps- go out and practice some social distancing
  13. I've waded the area to the south east- lots of trout. How do you fish snook in the area?Live bait? I'm wiring in some lights on my boat and would love to check that out Friday or Saturday night- maybe we can meet up?
  14. Do you fish from the pier in the back left?
  15. River Donkeys were chewing this weekend!