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  1. can you explain the science behind the "rated 1-4oz" and "2-6", is that the oz's of the plug? or?? and how does that impact the performance of the rod or reel or both? thanks
  2. Looks like a buddy of mine has everything I need to give it a try....psyched!!!!
  3. Well, 200-300 ish.. plus plugs, carrying shoulder bag, accessories like leaders, swivels? Etc etc. Have bike to ride the canal, maybe camp near bye.
  4. Perfect information. Thanks so much!! Maybe others will share their combos, to give me a few other price point options. Thanks
  5. Plugs mostly.... probably exclusively
  6. Understood, exactly why I'm asking... thanks for the input!!
  7. Hey fellow fishermen!, Gary here from Oxford, Mass. Grew up salt water fishing with my Dad, used his old gear for many years as a kid. Considering getting back into the salt water scene. I'm looking for some advice for shore line/surf casting from the beaches and jetties. Hoping I can get several options and suggestions. Budget minded for sure....need advice on a rod/reel combo, length of rod, action to be considered, type/strength of line etc etc. Sure would appreciate your experience and input. thanks/Gary