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  1. I am wondering if anyone got some tautogs from shore recently?
  2. If you are going out tonight, where are you going? I am also bored without fishing.
  3. I agree, after the attack, US saved the whole world.
  4. Any luck at the new pier?
  5. Thanks a lot. How much is the parking there?
  6. Thanks a lot. Happy thanksgiving,.
  7. If someone know when is the season to fish atlantic herring? Some tips on where to find them? Thanks a lot.
  8. I am wondering if there has been squid caught in Salem now. Anyone may know that? Thanks a lot,
  9. Beautiful! Look like a female lion to me.
  10. This is really awesome. I have tried so many times to catch any holdovers, never succeeded. Is there any pond near Medford which may afford some holdovers?
  11. It is getting warm. When will the stocking begin?
  12. Amazing. Where is this place? Thanks a lot.
  13. I believe in that. And currently, I would like to go somewhere that I could catch some fish.