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  1. Amazing. Where is this place? Thanks a lot.
  2. I believe in that. And currently, I would like to go somewhere that I could catch some fish.
  3. I am not going to Jamaica pond until it would be stocked this spring, as I tried there a couple of weeks ago and no bite for 3 hours.
  4. Thanks a lot! I went to Jamaica pond 2 weeks ago. Tried with both power egg and lure for 3 hours. Nothing at all. I guess that all the stocked trouts this fall were gone already. Any other places may hold any?
  5. This really looks great. If I live in Medford MA, where could I go for some trout fishing or other fish? Thanks a lot.
  6. I think that those in the States should be safer. However, wild animals migrates. Especially, bats and birds, who may carry the virus to other places, I guess.
  7. Base on the current coronavirus situation in China, do not eat wild animals. It may be better that they are farm raised!
  8. Thanks, But what does it mean?
  9. I am new here. Hi, Everyone! The winter is so long. Really wanna go fishing near Medford. Can anyone give some suggestions? Thanks a lot!