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  1. Same here spend the weekends in the cape, fun if you catch somthing or not
  2. What’s the best tide and time you guys use to catch striper. I fish at the cape weekends or days I have off, I know that full moon and new moons are good to fish but what is the best tide, and/or time you guys go?
  3. I’m honestly trying to find a good combo for my friend as he has the budget compared to me (rocking a $40 cabellas combo lol and still catching pb bass) he’s willing to spend 100-200 dollars in a rod and reel but rather it be all black ( I explained that color is stupid on reels/rods unless your whiling to spend the money...) so that’s why I looked and both those reels.
  4. What rod and reel is that?
  5. Do you have any experience with the abu Garcia Revo x or the Penn conflict 2? I was looking at both and there nice reels/rod combos but I don’t know if there worth the money.
  6. Im more of a salt water geek but anyone know some freshwater combos to get? For bass/trout, prefer a spinning rod.
  7. Main ones I’m looking at were tiralego’s, black hole rods
  8. It was for sure, not the greatest ride, but sure did we buy lures...
  9. I’ve been looking through many rods, there all great can never chose one haha, but I’ll look into the lami’s heard there great overall.
  10. Also those are thanks for naming those rods I’ll check out what fits me
  11. I tend to do the same thing from usually 1am-6pm maybe, we spent a lot of time up in the canal and up towards plum island. Oh man.if only I knew that early we traveled up to some random tackle shop in New Hampshire to stock up. Sheesh..
  12. I personally am looking for something that does everything, chunking, Jiggin, poping, etc.. sucks that I can’t look around tackle shops bc of covid19 but have yo deal with it.
  13. I know this question probably has been asked a million times but I’m trying to see what the SO pros say from experience. im look for 200-500 range
  14. Did you catch anything?
  15. Yep got like 2 or 3 I think