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  1. Somthing like this quick drawing I made?
  2. wth this thread turn into
  3. Can I ask what do you use for the pulley rig? Some people use actual pulleys, slides or just a bigger swivel for the “pulley” part of the rig. What do you use and any tips on using the rig?
  4. Thanks for all the tips Lou!
  5. I’ve only done chunking, I’ll try clamming aswell this summer.
  6. Alright, thanks for the info Lou! I’ll give the bank sinkers a shot, I’ve been using pyramids and how long would you make your shock leader? also the octopus hooks I had were 8/0 should I go to 10/0?
  7. Not the greatest artist but what’s your guys opinion on this rig? I made it real quick it’s just a fish finder with a breakaway clip on the slider, so if the weight gets stuck it breaks the mono and keeps the rig. I lost so many rigs last year to rocks taking my rig so what do you guys think?
  8. We were using store bought ones... we started last year so we just went off what locals said, and eventually just bought them. But this year we will definitely buy the supplies, way better in the end from quality and price.
  9. Last summer I’ve been using a fish finder rig but when casting I can’t throw far because it helicopters to much when throwing chunks... what are some better rigs you guys recommend to use? I want to try making some pulley rigs or high lows, but don’t know if they work on striper.
  10. What parts do you use it on? I will probably buy some to slap on my reels this summer
  11. I honestly just found out why people were putting dumbass replies
  12. That’s what I’m thinking now, not worth the extra $100 for oil that doesn’t let you do basic maintenance to the reel..
  13. Just surf fishing, just wondering if it’s worth the extra $100
  14. How well did that work for you?
  15. Yea I asked why he was selling for so low and he explained that he was trying to sell it to upgrade to a Shimano tirajelo. I currently don’t have the money but, told him that I’m just looking around as of now. He also was kind enough to show me that a fishing flea market was going to be held on the 22 so that’s good aswell.