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  1. Great post! My dad introduced me to fishing as a young boy. Later in my mid 20s I got back into fishing and started fly fishing because I remembered him telling me stories about riding his bike to another town with a little brookie stream and using a fly rod he got as a gift for tying flies for fishing friends of my grandfather. He turns 80 this May and is still excited about getting out to fish:). I picked him up at the airport yesterday (coming back home after wintering in FL) and much of our conversation was about water levels, stocking reports, water temps and when/where we would be fishing together first. He wants to get his own kayak to join me kayak fishing too. It’s great to spend time with your dad. I like to take him out much like he used to take me out. Thank you for sharing such a great post. Fishing is how my dad and I talk to each other. It is much more than just “fishing”.
  2. Belchertown Swift.
  3. Mike McFarland ( has been my go to for fly rod blanks. Sometimes he has blanks with a cosmetic blem that he will let go at a discounted price. While he is most known for this fiberglass tapers, his graphite tapers are also exceptional. I have his 81/2ft 6wt GTX glass blank and 8ft 8in 8wt Perpetual glass blank built out for saltwater. Love em both but the GTX is really amazing. Think blank, light it hand, fast tip recovery and a great feel. I would reach out to Mike, let him know what you are looking for and see if he may have something on hand ready to go. The 9ft 5wt Tailwind graphite taper blank that I have is also great and I imagine a 8 or 9wt Tailwind blank would make a great salt / flats rod.
  4. Are you seeing the bow/brown mix change in moving water, still water or both? As a fly fishing catch & release fisher, I would like the streams/rivers to be stocked with brown trout rather than bows. Put the bows in the still water for the put and take fishermen who tend to thin out by May. The browns will handle the warmer summer temps of the summer. I would like us to reduce/eliminate stocking of streams with native brook trout populations as well. Stocked fish will compete for food with the brookies and then likely die anyway. Give the natives a change to grow.
  5. I got out to the Ware last Sunday morning. It was my first time on the river. I did manage a few rainbows swinging a bead head woolly bugger near a popular bridge and found some nice smaller water a few miles upstream that produced 2 more bows that were willing to play. Water levels are low in our rivers. Happy we have some raining for the next 24 hours. We need more. The crowds on the Swift and their lack of etiquette have largely turned me off. I have my quiet spots that I will still fish away from everyone else but am enjoying exploring new to me water on our freestone streams. Hopefully we’ll get some more rain so our trout will still be around and playful for the evening hatches of late spring/early summer.
  6. Thank you!! Can’t wait!
  7. Great idea! Do you have side view pic and another showing how it attaches to the rack? I think this DIY would work well for me.
  8. Good to know. I have a Honda CRV and was looking for something that would make it a little easier with the factory rack/bars I have without spending too much $. In a couple of years I’ll get a new vehicle and will get a load assist bar or something similar. Have been using a towel on the side of the car.
  9. Do you worry about the suction cups losing hold or slipping under the weight of the kayak?
  10. Do you worry about the suction cups losing hold or slipping under the weight of the kayak?
  11. Do you worry about the suction cups losing hold or slipping under the weight of the kayak?
  12. I like to have 2 fly rods set up and ready to go when I paddle out in my kayak. Switching reels and restring a 9ft fly rod in a kayak in the water is something I would like to avoid if possible for fear of losing a reel, difficultly of stringing up the 9ft rod while seated inside the kayak and if in current/etc I don’t like being distracted for any length of time with my paddle strapped in. In the salt I normally have an 8wt intermediate set up and a 9wt with sinking line. Less is more for me on a kayak but a sinking and intermediate rod ready to go seems safer and more productive for me
  13. I just received a CK1 Venture kayak from Crescent Kayaks. It is my 1st new kayak in 20+ years and will replace my 20+ year Walden Scout (definitely got my money’s worth out of that one!). Very excited to get it out on the water when things warm up!
  14. For salt water, I have only paddled out in the day time in estuaries fishing out of a sit in kayak that I’ve had for just over 20 years. I have pulled the trigger on a new SOT kayak (CK1 Crescent) that should be a better/safer kayak for the salt and would like to learn more about our greater Boston area and kayak fishing safely at night. Can’t PM yet but will eventually have enough post under my belt here to do so. I have lots of questions and maybe some answers too:)