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  1. I saw this post late - Fished from Saints Landing both Saturday and Sunday - Saturday was epic - 22"-26" fish tailing in 8-10" of water - managed to pull out 6 before two kayakers decided to put in right in the middle of the fish with me standing 50 feet away, I probably should have asked them to put in 10 yards in either direction, but I wrongly assumed they had watched me cast and land fish.... managed about 20 fish all day - smallest being 20". Went back sunday very skittish fish - managed two while sight casting and spooked hundreds of them. Got my first 28" fish (barely, might have stretched the tail a little) fishing the river out towards the edge of the flat at the turn of the tide - post again if you are headed back down - would be happy to join you. IMG_7802 (3).MOV
  2. Been doing some wade fly fishing in Weymouth at Webb Memorial Park - nice spot for wading, have had limited success from micros to 26" but not a lot of fish. Wondering if anyone wants to share any wade-able areas with parking access (not your specific honey hole) in the weymouth/Hingham area. Got fish on white and olive and white puglisi brush flies - if anyone has other suggestions for predominant bait in the area or what tides they favor it is appreciated.
  3. Thanks very helpful information
  4. I tried some DecorRom UV Resin on Amazon - $24.95 for a big bottle - it is definitely thinner than Solarez Thick - it took a lot of coats on this fly - I think it will be great for holding clouser eyes and for a quick high gloss head cement but too thin for my liking even for surf candies unless you want to build up the bodies. IT does dry hard and clear, takes a little longer than Solarez. I also think a smaller applicator bottle with a thinner nozzle. [Darn it, will you guys PLEASE stop posting links to commercial sites?]
  5. I just bought the last three size V that were available from the Orvis Outlets, checked with them yesterday to see if any more available in that size from other outlet stores and was told there are no other size V at any outlet store - they have a new Hydros model now available and posted on the Orvis website - you can call around to some of the Orvis Outlets if you want to see if they have the IV size in - I got them fro $129 - also have seen them on ebay, but not at the outlet price
  6. Do you think moon did have affects night fishing? If so what is best moon to fish?