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  1. My back bay / calm ocean set up is a 9’ lami carbon medium with shimano Stradic 4000 & 20lb super slick. Perfect for 1-2oz. My first year bringing anything other than a 10’ to the ocean. Nice purchase with unexpected range.
  2. Have a group text with my fishing buddies. When ever I make the plans we seemed to get skunked. They haven’t caught on, so I just wait for the invite. it’s been 6 years, 4 months, 1 day......... (just kidding !)
  3. Tuna fluke mahi always tastes better coming out or your own cooler. best sushi I ever had was hand lined from a sailboat in Costa Rica. It was prepared shortly after.
  4. Night time ( don’t have a funny play on words to add)
  5. One of my sons looks at a bug the wrong way and the bite swells up so bad it’s looks painful. Doesn’t bother him much. Tick bites bother me, itch like mad for a week.
  6. I have two St. Croix extra heavy rods at 6'6 & 7'0 for bluefish & bass. Fishing off of the back of a 23' Parker Pilot House. I prefer the 6'6.
  7. 4 door Tacoma long bed. Depends how excited I am. Typically, I don’t air down if my goal is drive on to specific spot, turn around and drive off. Ie: jetty or cut. Going very slow is key, unless you have to climb a hill. Then go fast, gradually. On “truck beach days” with my family, I air down down to around 20. Kids & wife pack some serious gear. Family day usually has the worst drivers and the biggest ruts. I like to plan my exit before I set up for the day, back in & out a few times. I can usually judge if I need more which can be done with a beer in hand. Also, my stock jeep Cherokee was the best beach truck. Miss it. Blows the taco away.
  8. I have two back bay set ups: st croix mojo medium heavy 7’6 with Penn Battle 3000 lami carbon medium with Stradic 4000 landed a few gator blues on the 7’6 and a schoolie bass last week. Both were fun.
  9. I use to agree with most of the above that bluefish will hit anything. This week I was proved wrong. I got a couple of gators on an bone SP Minnow and only that. Both days we when were on them, I tried to switch to a single hook: bucktail, Kastmaster & the one popper I had with a single hook. They only wanted the bone SP on both days.
  10. I take them off.
  11. I have an older spheros 6000 that’s lasted longer than I can remember when I bought it. Brought it on a Florida trip for the beach and along on a charter. The capt. when nuts saying it’s best Shimano ever made. We used lighter Saltigas that day, so when we returned, I bought a 4000. Great reel, currently on a 9’ lami carbon. Also used the Salt X 4000 this year & VR50 last year all fall. VR50 gets my vote, casts a mile, very light. Used it on a 6’6 boat rod & 10’ light action surf rod.
  12. Cedar Point in NW Woods (East Hampton) is the closest option. It’s about 30-40 from the point. I wouldn’t suggest pitching a tent somewhere hidden. I once saw an uber driver pitch a tent in the shrubs a top one of the cliffs on old mtk hwy. I can’t imagine the amount of ticks just from the hike in (which was about 20’ and not even remotely hidden)
  13. Last cinderworm hatch I witnessed was fun to watch a ton of guys with spinning rods catch nothing for hours on end. The hatch happened at a rarely fished spot. The one guy out of 25-30 with a fly rod snagged a few. I was one of the spinning guys.
  14. A few times I’ve landed large schools of blues. I always felt that if you could rig up your shoe, they would take it. Lots of fun on light tackle!
  15. To help slide in an out of a suit from 3mm to 6mm try wet sox. Very inexpensive and make putting on and taking off a wetsuit 80% easier. You can find them on amazon / wetsuit wearhouse. They have green stitching.