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  1. I learned my lesson here long ago. But every once in a while I let myself get dragged back in out of sheer boredom. Before you know it. I am in an endless argument, going round and round and round. It's a complete and utter waste of my time.
  2. I don't hink anyone there has tried the new Outback seat yet.
  3. Which yak? I have tried the new Hobie vantage seat. It is comfortable. But my concerns I have spelled out already.
  4. I'm just glad its a rainy day. Yeah, I know, off topic.
  5. I know this may seem incredible, but companies do make mistakes. Just look at those exploding Pintos. What I'm really thinking about is the next kayak redesign and retooling down the road. When you are changing your molds anyway. So, zero cost. And I've never seen a warranty problem generated by a change in the seat. Fill me in. As far as how difficult this is for a team of engineers, Riddler came up with a work-around on his own, with no laboratory or high-tech computers. It certainly is possible. So, pop, pop, pop, pop. Walk it off , man. Walk it off.
  6. Nice. But my objections to the new seats have nothing to do with comfort.
  7. Sorry, I wasn't aware that defining "comic relief" helped you to catch fish. I am not talking about surfing kayaks. Just launching in surf. Very different. What "pad and strap" are you writing about? Did I invent something?
  8. I would NEVER come off as "poor me". You should know that. Just pointing out that it swings both ways. As far as surf, I launched the first bunch of times on my own. In those days hardly anyone was doing it, so I had no choice. Nobody "took me out". I learned it the hard way. Back then, it seemed like we all did. Where others have helped me out the most is with fishing skills. There, I have been lucky enough to get advice from experts and follow their example. I did attend some of the early surf launching seminars but that was after I had been doing it for a while. And it was really the blind leading the blind. We were all stumbling along.
  9. Good advice. Thanks! But I do hate to go running to momma.
  10. Again, I'm waiting to hear what this has to do with seats and kayaks.
  11. I agree with some of this. But a self-professed expert? Of what? Seats? I'm just an old geezer who likes kayak fishing. I have some strong opinions and i'm not shy about sharing them. That doesn't make me right or wrong. It just seems to me that some people get along fine with me and others don't. No problem. Except, those who don't often look for an opportunity to denigrate and attack me. Several posts here are a prime example. When someone hits me, I usually hit back. Fair is fair. I've actually pulled my punches here. But all I seem to get for that is more insults. As fas as Tim, he and I have gone around and around with a few things offline. And, I think some of that may have spilled over into this discussion. But that has nothing to do with seats and kayaks. In my opinion, it is off base here. However, it is Tim's website, so he does what he wants. Hey, if everybody Tim didn't see eye to eye with was off of this website, a lot of people would be missing. In my experience, he's a big boy and gives as good as he gets. I do appreciate the advice, whether i think it is right or wrong. Tight lines to you too. ,
  12. I really like the sacrificial stern piece. Wish they had one on the bow as well. With the soft Hobie plastic, it needed that. I don't like the new rudder at all. It is so exposed, even with that strange Outback loader thingy. The old flip up rudder was such a nice feature. Is it cheaper to make? I don't see any benefit.