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    Work-Fish-Sleep is my motto in live. Live your life like there is NO tomorrow!!
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    Fishing/ Boating/ watching sports- I like football n basketball the most/ watching fishing tournament's. Lure building/ rod building id like to learn more about both of them..

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  1. Do you have IG if so my name is cbigd on their so I can see better photos of the plugs I can’t see good clear pics ur plugs I can’t message people yet still new
  2. What builder is this n how can I buy one does he have a website or contact him??
  3. Can u post some pics to see what your plugs look like maybe ur top 3 kinds or colors thanks
  4. Thanks for the info I have to get out to a show hopefully this year. Haven’t been to many in a few years now...
  5. Hey everyone collecting has always been a thing I’ve enjoyed doing I started collecting plugs n fishing gear since I was a child I had some very good gems till I lost a lot of stuff when my house got destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. I was wondering what kind of plugs people collect nowadays? I know some of the big names seems like a lot of plugs now have really gotten out of hand with the prices I see out there.. let me know everyone’s feelings about this..
  6. How do you like his plugs I’ve been tryin to my hands on a few of his plugs they look well made aswell
  7. That looks like a nice plug well made aswell I will be checking them out thanks for advice
  8. What is ur best metal lip swimmer that you all use Company n type of swimmer. Let’s kick of this topic? I use a lot of plugs- big names no namers my favorite has to be a few so here goes nothing, PBau evil brother/ n his big brother/ TB’s/ RM/ I’m into a lot of colored plugs plus I like to use the trusty SP’s/ superstrike/ Gibbs/ there’s a lot I use trying to get everyone’s opinion.. thanks tight lines...
  9. I currently fish with a vr200 n vr125 now I beat the shyt outta of them I have a chance to grab this zx22 with spare spool both with new line the reel is minty I’m trying to see if it’s worth it or not to buy it... thanks
  10. How do you fish ur z do u swim a lot with it n fish like that or fish from land? Thanks for ur input very well needed
  11. Whats your thoughts on these reels, what are the pros n cons of each reel?