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    Work-Fish-Sleep is my motto in live. Live your life like there is NO tomorrow!!
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    Fishing/ Boating/ watching fishing tournament's. Lure building/ rod building id like to learn more about both of them.. Long Nights No Sleep when it’s striper seasons...

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  1. Anything left or anymore?
  2. Would you be willing to ship on my dime I’m in NJ let me know I’m interested in the 200!!
  3. I do like the suffix 832 I feel like I get great distance n line rolls right through the eyes no noises..
  4. I use both I find that my stocking foot waders are not so good in the surf sand always gets in my boots n weighs me down so now I use waders with boots attached for the surf n when I go to rivers or flats meaning the Bay Area where waves aren’t always crushing I use stocking foot waders. I had back surgery 6 years ago so I try to make it easier for me with what I carry weight wise n find that the stocking foot always fills wit sand even when you have gravel guards on..
  5. I personally go out an fish the incoming n outgoing n throw everything I have in my bag n normally I get them to bite on something I’ve noticed that I’ve always done better on my old school white sparkle Gibbs Danny when new moons happen. But I fish my butt off for both tides n I travel to each n every spot I go to regularly I don’t stay in one spot for hours if nothing’s going on..
  6. I use a 10ft Dna paired wit my vs150 or vs200 in the spring I like to test my vs150 wit bigger fish. You can’t go wrong wit a dna great rods they have...
  7. What is everyone’s favorite type of braid to use on their saltwater fishing reels from the surf? Like what do you feel gets you a longer distance? Thanks
  8. you baught a new house right there
  9. Gibbs
  10. What kind of pliers is everyone using nowadays, what are the best saltwater fishing pliers n where could I buy em at?
  11. Yes I went it was awesome to see those one of a kinds
  12. So how did everyone make out at the fishing show? What was on everyone’s top pick up at the show n what do you feel in your opinion was the best Plug builders that were there.. N Go....
  13. I know lure collecting has gotten crazy lately, would be nice to see some people’s collections on plugs that they feel are collectors. Would like to see what type of Lefty/ n wades are out there that people have fished though I wana see them plugs that have been beat up from some big fish...
  14. Do you have IG if so my name is cbigd on their so I can see better photos of the plugs I can’t see good clear pics ur plugs I can’t message people yet still new
  15. What builder is this n how can I buy one does he have a website or contact him??