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  1. How much are you looking to get and where are you located?
  2. Looking to buy a new or used Van Staal. Need a smaller sized one lmk what you have thanks.
  3. Card has a total value of $128.65. Selling for $100. Would also be willing to trade for a quality saltwater spinning reel size 2000-5000
  4. Ok gonna have to pass thanks
  5. Respectfully offer $40 for the 710?
  6. Northern beaches like cottage road at Monmouth beach aren't too bad and your a quick run to the Shrewsbury rocks watch the shore break though. Couple breaks in long branch have a more mellow break but more work involved to find parking etc. Further south after that you have to pretty much wait for lifeguards to leave
  7. Is this still available?
  8. Respectfully offer $55
  9. Can I see some pics of the 710z?
  10. Need a Lifejacket size medium for kayak preferably one with a high back size med or large Also looking for a waterproof vhf radio Also looking for dry pants or pants for sun protection. Lmk what you have thank you
  11. This has got me excited. Theres so much bunker in the ocean than normal it seems. There have been whales and sharks all feeding on them. Hoping it brings the bonito and mackerel.
  12. Would you take 40 shipped?
  13. Awesome thanks guys. Think I found a 2104 Revo 13 for a good price. I’m psyched!
  14. Thanks so do you know what the first year of the click n go was? Also would you suggest avoiding one that has been used with a scupper cart?
  15. Correction its a 2017 Revo 11 with MD180