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  1. Is there anything from Daiwa other than the new Saltiga that has an Al rotor? I think that is your only option. Lol For me it needs to be an Al gear. I have a BG 4000 and a couple Excelers. Butter smooth new. But after around 40 big (for me) 55-70cm australian salmon (Arripis trutta) the BG had lost its butter smoothness. Same with the Excelers (on silver trevally). I think it’s the gears as they have never got any salt on them and I even tried a new pinion bearing on the BG. But Im no expert. My FK and FL Stradics feel as new despite many fish.
  2. From the scrolling banners at the top of the homepage you need to follow “2020 new product showcase”. 5000-6000 size is around 430g which is heavier than 400g for the equivalent 4000 16 BG. For small sizes you can get a stradic fl around $270AUD here. Maybe there is a reason to buy one of the big sizes?
  3. Sizes 2500-20000 ($299-$379AUD) Monocoque body, zinc gears (my guess) interested in your thoughts. Check Daiwa Australia for info.
  4. Great videos, I signed up just to see if you are aware of... Daiwa Japan via chrome translate states the following about the Theory: The poster wants to know if Scooby's done a chrome translation of information from Daiwa's Japanese site. The link seemed all but impossible to excise delicately, so the entire sentence in which it was embedded was removed, and this note inserted instead. BrianBM, Moderation Enforcer.