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  1. But the braid (tied directly to the 3-way) and then the leader, which was 36" long both got tangled. I will try taking the wire off and replacing it. Thank you!
  2. Hi - it was 40# mono. The sweep from N to S was pretty full on this morning. I can up the poundage to 80 and try another spot to see if that helps. Thank you.
  3. Hi, So, I picked up some fresh mullet and a mullet rig this morning. Cast it out into the trough, waited about 15 minutes, reeled it back in and it was all tangled up in the mainline, which was braid as well as the rig. ( I had a swivel to the mono leader, which I then connected to the 3-way on the mullet rig) I then came home, used a double - uni knot to connect a longer mono leader to the braid, then to the threeway, went back up to the beach and the same thing happened. Can anyone provide some insight into what I am doing wrong or not doing that is landing me in this situation? And I was using an 8oz pyramid sinker today. I can post a picture if that would help. Thanks.
  4. Tried out front in central OC about an hour ago. Tried some fish bites for kingfish and mullets for blues, but the washing machine that is the ocean was not cooperating. The kids had fun running around the beach though. So all good.
  5. Thanks to this topic, I purchased PSC's Undercoat in a can. It was easy to apply and I did the entirety of the underside of the truck in about an hour. I would recommend a spray paint sprayer handle as my right index finger is still a bit numb from holding down the nozzle on the can. I do wonder how long this product will last...does anyone have experience with the durability of this product?
  6. Hi, What do you usually use for chum? Thanks.
  7. A snapper rig - the popper float with a small trailing lure.
  8. A snapper rig. I gave it a go for a bit this morning off the dock and got nothing as well. Getting skunked must run in the family.
  9. My son has been casting his snapper rig off the bulkhead here in Lavallette for the past two weeks looking and hoping to pick up some snappers. Has anyone seen them yet?
  10. Thanks for everyone's responses. I learned a good deal through this thread!
  11. It is a Penn Battle 2. I will do some research on the shims and then make adjustments. Thank you.
  12. Thank you. I always manually trip the bail. My dad taught me to never use the automatic bail trip a long time ago
  13. Thank you for that information. I appreciate the time that you took to write that.
  14. It is an 8' Surf Mojo with 20# Power Pro. Thank you.
  15. Hi, I just got my reel spooled with braid, and I keep getting knots in the line when I cast out hard. This has happened to me in the past as well. Can anyone share a technique that I can use to avoid having this issue in the future? Thanks.