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  1. Ok, made a lot of changes. I keep getting caught up on color, which is in my understanding the least important consideration. Here's my thoughts (leaving metal out): Super Strike PP5W Little Neck Popper - Sinking - Bone White to be visible (to me) during the day and for the fish to see natural white underbelly. I don't think I'll be using this one at night often. Super Strike DS6W Little Neck Swimmer Floating Lure 013-All Neon Yellow Chartreuse-ish color. My understanding is these work best in rips, usually more sediment in that water so the green may be helpful in this case. Probably more of a day lure. Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow - 6in Floating - Bone The most suggested size and color for this lure. Probably a day lure for me. Yo-Zuri R1144 Mag Darter Lure BP Black/Purple Covers the same area of the water column as the SP, might as well get this one in black so I can use it at night, or switch things up if the SP isn't catching during the day Super Strike ZZ6W Zig Zag Floating Lure 022-All Black My thought is fast current at night beachwide (I'll be less likely to find rips at night) Andrus AJC1 Bucktail Jetty Caster Lure AJCW1 White/Chartruse Multiple sizes. Is it better to get white/green to cover both? or just commit to White. Super Strike NF7W Super "N" Fish Sinking Lure - Size 008 No idea on color for this one. Or if I'll get it at all.
  2. Ok, I'll make the change in regards to the sizing. What about the SS Needlefish? Floating or sinking? Also, I'll definitely be concentrating on bucktails. Bought the John Skinner book, got some reading to do.
  3. OK, I've been lurking here just reading for months. Incredible education on so many topics. Still have a lot of reading to do. I've been surfcasting exclusively since I was a kid, never really cared about it, just something I did to spend time with my dad. Bait only. Simplest rigs made. Never caught ****. A few years ago he bought me a rod which I took to the beach on my own and caught some unremarkable fish, didn't matter, something in my brain 'broke'. Since then I've read a few books (multiple times, still want a few as well) and read various forums non-stop until I found this one and ditched them all. I'm fishing whenever I have the opportunity - almost always LBI or Destin FL, will soon be adding Delaware to the rotation. I've caught some great stuff, really large Pompano, 38" Redfish, Stripers, Blues, I love it. Most of that has been on bait though - I want to start with lures. I'm fighting my instincts to be a gear nerd as hard as I can. Want just a FEW lures to make as versatile of a kit as I can. I do like the idea of getting one and mastering it, but as I've ever used any I don't even know what type that would be, this at least leaves my options open to find what I like and zero in. Or maybe I'll just learn them all - I don't know. Here's what I'm thinking: Yo-Zuri R1216 Mag Darter Lures - 6-1/2 in. Ghost Black Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow - 6-3/4in Floating - Bone Super Strike PP5W Little Neck Popper - Sinking - 033-Red Head/White Super Strike NF7W Super "N" Fish Sinking Lure - Size 008-All Yellow Spro Power Bucktail - White in 1, 2, 3 oz Looking to cover the entire water column day and night, all weather conditions. What should I toss or add?