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  1. I was just going to suggest drone footage. Grab some of that, splice in video of the dead/damaged fish on the beach, upload to YouTube and then spread far and wide. Concentrate on the Trader Joe’s crowd, not fishermen. Maybe it will get some attention. Although it probably won’t. I don’t think much will change in this area until the recreational fishing ‘lobby’ spends more on politicians than the commercial fishing lobby. Our government is hopelessly corrupt.
  2. I hate to say this because she sucks at life and is a shameless propagandist; but getting Rachel Maddow on board would be extremely helpful. She knows politicians, has a soapbox, and loves fishing. Bombard her and her staff to contact a designated person on this board who is knowledgeable on the subject (the OP?) and see where things go from there. Send it here: Maybe just start with a link to this thread. If her or her staff is interested they can contact someone on here via DM. Edit: Maybe tell her Trump likes ASMFC, and that it’s run by Russians. I heard Don Jr had a phone call with them or something.
  3. I just wish they made the Saltiga in a 5k.
  4. That’s just not the same. I want paper for my recreational reading!
  5. Really want Zeno’s book, but I can’t find a paper copy! It’s not even on the SJ website.
  6. I just use a spool of 50# braid for surf casting. I guess it might be overkill but I don’t see how that’s a problem... No need for a shock leader, extra thickness over low test braid offers abrasion resistance (reeled in my P.B. on a very thin remaining strand), one less failure point of FG knot, and I lose almost 0 lures - I just wrap the line around a stick and pull if it gets stuck. Usually it just straightens the hook. Downside is reduction in casting distance, and in current it’s pulled a little faster. I’m less than the same thickness as 20lb mono though so I don’t think I’m losing much for the above. I’m not that experienced though, but am I missing something?
  7. Yeah that’s how I’d imagine it creates a problem. If you pass on quality time with your kids to go fishing on a regular basis, you need to reevaluate your priorities. I fish almost exclusively after the kids go to bed, or just ‘toss a chunk’ and make sand castles with the kids while listening for the drag to click.
  8. Really I’d just settle for anywhere but China. I’m new to all this and thought Penn was made where the name implied. Should have known better. Good reel though, minus the knob. ...and the fact that I get birds nests on every cast.
  9. Yeah I have a fathom II casting special, it’s pretty nice. You’ll have to buy the aftermarket low profile knob from Penn to replace the factory brake knob, it’s in such a poorly thought out location it’s hard to believe. It’s my first and only conventional, so I don’t have much to compare it to. They just came out with a squall casting special, not sure what the difference is. Both are made in Chyyyna though, so that’s a downside.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the picture. So is it safe to say the 8k would be suitable on a general purpose surf rod, maybe like a 9.5’ 1-4oz?
  11. Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering. I read the Alan Hawk review and I’m sold - I just think the 8000 might be a little large. Some are saying the 8000 is comparable to a standard 5000 or so? Can anyone confirm this?
  12. A Blackhawk. We landed so a crew chief could take a leak and I was spacing out just looking at the sky when I saw it. We had NVGs on so the bloom made it look like a tube with windows. I have a *lot* of time looking through NVGs and I’d never seen anything like it until that point. Got a rough location and time then called approach when I landed, they said they didn’t see anything unusual. Saw a picture of it a few days later in some article about astronomy, apparently it’s pissing off space nerds because it’s cluttering up their telescopes.
  13. Haha, I saw them while flying one night. Me and the whole crew **** our pants! Got operations to log it as “Pilot observed UFO” and everything! Totally made me believe and I told everyone I could the next few days.... then I found out about SpaceX.
  14. Same. I fish at night because that’s when the kids are asleep. It’s nothing earth shattering or terribly dangerous, just stay off the jetties and out of the water. Wear a headlamp, but only turn it on when absolutely necessary. You’ll be fine. Wear a knife though. Plenty of weirdos cruising the beach after sunset.
  15. Yeah they’re kicked it up a notch in the organ harvesting business too. I’m DONE with Chinese reels. It’s a shame because I liked Penn and want a Van Staal, but I can’t in good conscience support the CCP any longer.